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Newby from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


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Hi Everyone :) 

Holly from Canada here. I am just getting used to my new DSLR and committed to shooting RAW as much as possible from here on in.


Getting fed up with a certain other site (don't say it if you guess) and found Alamy in a search for the real deal. Hope I've found it. I like how this site is not focused on all of us joining groups and making contests and endless commenting and replying. Honestly, this isn't me since I am not attached to my phone, texting everything about my day. I am looking for a legit quality market for my images.


Sorry if I sound like a social media luddite, but I'm old and remember when TV was black and white. I am actually very computer literate and jumped on board when it was just green lettering on a tiny curved screen. I see it as a tool, rather than a life style. In fact I just re-discovered the pics my dad took off the TV screen of the moon landing. 

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On 2/1/2018 at 09:59, HollyGraphic said:

Hi All!

I was little but I remember Elvis and the Beatles on Ed Sullivan, The moon Landing, JFKs assassination - we were a big tv family. Probably explains my early interest in B and W photography. 


I was writing a grade 9 English exam in Montreal when the school guidance counselor (as they used to call them) came into the class and told us that JFK had just been assassinated. Don't remember it making much of an impact. I wasn't much into politics back then. The moon landing OTOH was a big deal. I think that TV was much more interesting back then. Now it's mainly just an excuse to inundate us with slick advertising. 

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