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No, I know of no way to place a link on alamy to your website.  I don't think putting your web link in your user profile here is really what you had in mind (although that is certainly doable).

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11 hours ago, Aggers said:

I am in the process of setting up a new website (via Clikpic).  I can show a link on the link page to my Alamy page.  Can I create a link on Alamy to my new Website, if so, how? Thanks.


I thought I was the only one who sometimes replied without reading all of the text in a question, but obviously not ;)


As Reimar says - it is a link on Alamy to  the photographer's website the question is about. :)






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Thanks for all the replies, I have an Alamy link set up on my web page, I wondered if there was a "Reverse" set up i.e Alamy to my web page, but I assume not (probably not a commercial possibility for Alamy?!).


Thanks again.

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