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Is it worth flagging difficult to find images?

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I often come across newspaper photos that I find very difficult to locate within the Alamy catalogue, some are impossible (maybe having left the agency?).  They do present an interesting challenge, but are also a source of considerable frustration!


The problem exists because they do not include some keywords that I would normally associate with the image. There are issues here, the contributor may be selling a concept and the image may contain elements that are not directly relevant and so are not included etc. In other words we are looking at the situation from different angles.


I hesitate to draw attention to these shots in the forum as it implies a  criticism of the contributor, and, after all, they have found their way into publication. Is it worth highlighting these in the images found threads - maybe with the statement , "suggest Check Keywords", or should we just let sleeping dogs lie?


Personally I would welcome this kind of useful feedback on my photos, as good keywording is essential, but not everyone might feel that way.

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4 hours ago, Inchiquin said:

If they're online, why not just run them through Google Images and see what comes up for Alamy?





I use both Google and Tineye Alan, but I'm referring here to images that neither search engine finds, which means resorting to a keyword search in Alamy. 

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