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Hi all


I am looking for a compact camera something that will slip into a pocket and is Alamy friendly, I am looking to spend up to £270 and have so far had my eye on the cannon sx280 hs 12mp 20xzoom.


Your views please



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Check out the forum thread(s) on the Sony RX100. It's Alamy-friendly and it sounds like a very versatile little camera.


But hmmm..., let's see, £270 is about $425 I believe. Don't think you can buy a new RX100 for that.


RX100 about £420 New RX100 - II about £645


Thats why I did not bring them into the equation.



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Hello Liam,


I can help you for sure.


You are looking for a small camera that is Alamy friendly and in your budget. In this case i advice you to go for one of the Sony Nex-3 models. They should be in your budget and have image quality that you can expect from a DSLR. This because of the APS-C sensor. I am shooting with the Sony Nex 6 and Sony Nex 5. I am verry happy with my choice. As you can see at my portfolio the images are on pro level.


Futher you can go for Olympus Pen. Just makes sure that you have at least a micro 4/3 sensor.


Let me know if you have questions.

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