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Images in forum posts?

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Whats the score on this please anybody? I've seen posts with linked images, and others where a picture has been included as part of the post.  I don't seem to be able to do either.  If I click on "Insert other media" I get options of attachment or a URL, but selecting attachment gives me a blank window with "you do not have any existing attachments" and no instructions on what they are or how create one. I have used a URL by selecting the link icon on the toolbar once before but the post only displays the link text, not the image so linked (it is to an existing Alamy image of mine).

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I've never used the attachment.  I either drag and drop (although Wim discovered the image distorts slightly doing that) or I use the insert image via URL.  Either of these will work if you want to put the image in your post.



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I just copy and paste. Lately I have been doing it from the enlarged image in the Image Manager since I like the smaller size and it keeps the proportions. I right-click or control-click on my Mac to get the little menu that gives the option to Copy Image.



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Thanks Jill - yes I tried that first time round (insert image via URL) but it only displays the actual text of that URL


Cheers Paulette - that works fine. You can have a beer on me, but you have to come over to my local to get it :D


This is what I wanted to achieve in my earlier search results post. My guess is that its a browser and/or operating system thing. I'm using Firefox and

Win 7 x64 Pro. For that combo, get to relevant image on the web, right-click on it and select "Copy Image Location" (NOT "copy image"). On forum topic editing window do Ctrl+V or right-click and paste.


From further experimenting it seems that any image to be displayed must already be on the web somewhere (?)








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I insert images in the forum by copying the URL of the image (right mouse click on the image) - and insert by clicking the "Insert other media" button in the right, bottom of the post writing field.


The word "zooms" in the URL text will show the smaller image - the word "comp" in the URL text will show the larger image. Change this word in the link to your liking.





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