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Hiya from England


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Hi everyone,

I am a newbie here who started photography in earnest early 2016. Joined alamy in 2016 and  uploaded 25 photos and then spent 1 year being confused on what site to use for selling my pictures. Every upload is hard work so using more than one can be so time consuming. Finally have settled on Alamy and now looking to learn tips and tricks of the trade. Fortunately there are lots of blog posts which are motivating and this forum is fab. I sold my 1st photo in June but currently average like 5-7 views a week.


I have been reading a lot of material here and i upload only my best photos and tag them to the best of my ability but looks like the 2nd sale is far away. I only have 165 photos on sale at the moment and am a bit awed by the high numbers existing stalwarts can manage in a year. Not sure of how to up my numbers...

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Hi Ben and welcome!


Your photos look great. Yes, you upload your best pics but you'd be surprised that everyday shots of everyday locations can do quite well on Alamy. So I would advise to take your camera everywhere with you, even to the post office, supermarket, public transport. Since Alamy is editorial based, these types of shots may be used to illustrate ordinary local/national stories.


Good luck!



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I suggest you do more research and work on your captions and keywords. The batch of "landscapes and gardens" needs specific captions for each image and right now some of the keywords are wrong because they don't match the actual image we are looking at. I think if you want to sell plants and flowers you need the exact name and scientific name. The images are lovely.



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1 hour ago, Ed Rooney said:

Ben99, you have an great eye and an understand of digital editing. If you listen to my Forum mates and improve your tagging you should do very well here at Alamy. Welcome aboard! 




Ben99 spectacular photographs, but clients need to find them when they search.

When tagging/keywording try to answer the 4W

That is What, When, Where, Why. Sometimes How

For this spectacular image.

What- tree, blossom, blossoms, (name of tree if you know it), pink, bench, park bench, tree in blossom, tree in spring

When- spring, springtime, season, vernal

Where- surrey, surrey hills, country, rural, England, UK, countryside, (name of park or trail)

Why- idyllic, peaceful, peace, lush, fresh

Try to get this information in the caption as well.

IE: Tree with pink blossoms in spring overlooking the Surrey Hills in England UK

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