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Standard License and Enhanced License - Is this new?

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17 minutes ago, geogphotos said:


yep, this is what I see - maybe it is special to Sweden (that is if Martin is browsing from Sweden)? 


EDIT: I do not see the blue 50% button (from Germany) 

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8 minutes ago, geogphotos said:


Agree, that is more like a small business licence ( up to 10 people).


1) That's why I'd like to see something even smaller for 1-2 person business, community/church group, individual teacher/student


2) Mind you $49 probably doesn't buy a bottle of restaurant wine in Scandinavia


1) Yes, one more tier wouldn't go amiss.

2) Borderline drinkable stuff, but it would definitely be enough for some sill (raw pickled herring), potatoes and a shot of aquavit.

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17 minutes ago, geogphotos said:


I had a Sweden sale recently for $ 15.31. 


That'd be enough for a beer and some peanuts wouldn't it? Or just the peanuts :wacko:


A normal can of 0.5L beer from the "Systembolaget" (the government owned chain of monopoly booze shops) is about £1.50. A pint at a bar/restaurant runs you somewhere around £5-£10, probably with an average around £6.50 depending on where you are. So it ain't crazy crazy expensive, but one has to be restrained, considered and mindful when consuming alcohol here.


I do miss "the pub" at times though, if not for the beer, but the really great Ploughman's that could be had...

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9 hours ago, geogphotos said:


1) I was going to refer you to the caption of one of Martin's pics of himself but he just too nice a guy....though with a great sense of humour also.


2) But seriously they are a stunning couple :D


1) Thanks Ian! Did you mean the "Tall handsome adonis like Scandinavian man, too intelligent for Mensa and well known for his cunning ability to defy gravity, unusually looking puzzled, at the exact moment just before he solved the issue of world starvation and world peace that led him to the Nobel prize" series of images? What can I say - he's cheap, great company and doesn't take himself very seriously.


2) Thank you kind sir, but yes the other half is, I'm just an old ogre, but 15 years married yesterday!


11 hours ago, geogphotos said:


1) No, those prices aren't too horrendous compared to UK.


2) Given the fees for stock photos these days I don't know how you manage in Scandinavia. 


1) It is pretty irrelevant to me personally, as I'm 99% tee-total besides the odd single malt whisky to go with the football. Only vice would be the "snus", the Scandinavian only pouched or unpouched tobacoo that you put under your lip - EU constantly tries to ban it despite that there are no proven ill effects, doesn't affect others and has massive upside for those trying to move away from smoking (personally never smoked). I'm really into water too, tap water, fridge chilled tap water - bloody fantastic (being serious) thing to really ensure proper hydration.


2) I'll have to write a book about it! First chapter - "Find a photogenic partner with nose for property".

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21 minutes ago, Brasilnut said:


I love water too...sparkling and natural but usually in ice form mixed in with some cachaça B)


A delicious kiwi caipirinha drink overlooking the iconic Ipanema beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Stock Photo


(1) Will check out this snus you mention!


1) At your own peril, keep a trashcan nearby and make sure you've eaten something solid well in advance... or try the more gentle mint flavoured "lady" versions...haha

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