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Show All not doing so

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3 hours ago, gvallee said:

I remember Wim saying we don't see all tags.




That's correct, but I don't remember which ones we didn't see at the time.

In general it may be useful to know which ones are left out.


The question if it's a bug or intentional looks to be the right one.

If it's intentional, then what's the purpose?

If it's a bug, then what causes it? Probably something that remedies something somewhere else, but spills over onto the tags section on the zoom page.

SEO perhaps? (Because it usually is.)



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Found this by looking through some of my shots from a customer's perspective. Here's a couple of (warning, pretty mediocre) examples.....


e.g. This one appears to have no option to Show All, and there are additional tags to show.


However This one does have the option, and does show some additional, but not all, of the tags.


Not sure that I want all of my tags shown to be honest, although I can see the merit of letting a customer see all of the detail in order to verify their choice.

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33 minutes ago, spacecadet said:

I see "show all" on both of them.

The first one has 15 tags, the second has 11 on "show all".

One of my overtagged (66) images only shows 50, so perhaps that's the answer.

Can't see the logic behind which are shown and which not.


I see this too, Bryan.



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Very strange, the second one has a total of 13 tags of which I see only 11


The first has 21 tags of which I see only 10


I am using Google Chrome under Win 10.


Not seeing any logic to it, some of the missing tags are super tags some are not.

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