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Dear Forum,

It doesn’t take a lot to confuse me, and the CTR subject has proved to be way beyond my limited comprehension, so I’m hoping someone will be able to shine a light on the following.

In “My Alamy Measures” I have three differing  values,
1) Total CTR
2) average CTR and
3) top performing pseudonym  CTR

In addition, there is an “average on Alamy CTR” for the last month.

If I open up the “Your Images” section, neither the rates for my total CTR, my average CTR or my top pseudonym  match the figures already mentioned above, in fact the only consistent figure is Alamy’s monthly average.

So the question is – which of these is truly my CTR ?

Your sincerely,

Confused of Devon.

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Average is what it says: the average of your CTR across all pseudonyms.  E.g.

  • Pseudo1 CTR = 0.50
  • Pseudo2 CTR = 0.25
  • Pseudo3 CTR = 0.25
  • Pseudo4 CTR = 1.00

Therefore average CTR = 0.50


Your dashboard measures shows your stats over the last 12 months + days in the current month (i.e. today it covers: "Period : 01 Jul 2016 to 22 Jul 2017").  Clicking on "Your images" will show you whatever time period you choose.

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I only have one pseudo and never bother with CTR. The only time it would interest me is if it went over 1.00.




Edit: but thanks for the explanations Geoff and losdemas.

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Many thanks to all, that's a big help! Having considered Allan's one-pseudo position - are there any real advantages to multiple pseudos? Perhaps time to bung 'em all together ...?

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2 hours ago, GS-Images said:

Hi TeeCee,


In Measures on the initial Dashboard screen, the various CTR values are from the 1st of the same month the previous year up to the last time Measures was updated (Friday just gone at the moment). Once you click on "My Alamy", the CTR values refer to whatever time period you have selected at the top.


Total CTR - CTR using total zooms and views for the time period selected, across all pseudos.


Average CTR - Total of the CTR of all your pseudos divided by the number of pseudos. So effectively your average. This number appears to be more important than it used to be.


Top performing pseudo - Simply whichever pseudo has the highest CTR for the time period selected.


If you have a pseudo that is the same name as the name on your account (as I do), it can get confusing whether it's talking about the particular pseudo with that name, or all pseudos under your account.


Hope this helps,


(The rude unhelpful one who needs to change)  ;):lol:


+1 Geoff most helpful.

I have always been dazed and confused about that.

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50 minutes ago, geogphotos said:

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Waiting to see that as one of Alamy's google search pages.

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38 minutes ago, geogphotos said:


Everybody should have a niche :D


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