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I run a cookie cleaner nightly, to remove unwanted rubbish from my computer. However I explicitly stop the cookie cleaner from deleting alamy.com, discussion.alamy.com and secure.alamy.com. Until the forum software upgrade this allowed me to remain signed in to the forum.


But since the upgrade I have to sign in every day, But no new cookies are created to indicate a persistent sign-in when I log on to the forum.


Does anyone know how the new software retains a sign-in?

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I used to be permanently signed in to the forum and only had to sign in to my dashboard. Now I have to sign in every time to both. If I go off for an hour or so I have to sign in yet again.



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Since the upgrade, have to sign into the forum every time I visit, but not to my dashboard. I just assumed that it's part of the new forum security changes.


I guess that only the big Cookie Monster in the sky knows the real reason why. B)





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