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Has anyone ever sold any of your first four submissions?

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It's easy to find your first four submissions - Just use Manage Images and work back to the beginning - you should see your first four right at the start,




Thanks John, I should have thought of that!


Confirms that the shot referred to above was in the first 4. The other 3 have not sold.

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Just out of curiosity - and this obviously won't apply to anyone who joined Alamy before the days of online uploads and 4 initial submissions - has anybody ever sold any of their first four?  I haven't - though I've sold 3 of my second batch of 6.  Maybe I was too cautious.  Although, looking back, it didn't seem so at the time.

John, I would your worries! Here is interesting in principle, though it helps that or not, and how long will generally continue period views, just like in the movies, there are views, but there are no results. Or something that I do admit that my briefcase nobody needs but even stick a once in a lifetime shoots ...

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