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Large Street Murals?

Ed Rooney

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I've noticed that some of the more recent street murals in my area have a commercial purpose -- how predictable, inevitable, and depressing. The one below showed up last week as a Bowie tribute . . . but it's advertising a restaurant around the corner.




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I found this beautiful one in Madrid, but there are beautiful examples of large murals all over Spain. 


Like these ones in Malaga, (Spain), people like to call it now the Soho district of Malaga.








And a huge one of D Face (l) en Obey Shepard Fairey ®

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Surely, in most cases, of "Graffiti" or more commonly now "Street Murals" the artist has no permission to dawb paint on someone Else's property! It's vandalism! So by doing so what right have the artists got to complain about copyright and ownership of the "Art"? If the artists deem it legal to paint on someone's property then it must become the property of the property owner!  However, if it weren't for the public at large taking photographs, street artists like Banksie (in the UK) would never be as famous (or infamous) as he/she is now where the street murals afforded to Banksie are copied by photographers and fetch large sums of money.  A lot of Banksie's work are now tourist attractions. On a personal note I like some of Banksie's style of "Graffiti" ;) 


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