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whether many keywording much better?

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I think for keywording, it is more important to have accurate keywords instead of just lots of keywords.


After a very quick look, for example, I'd probably remove many of the keywords in your example and just leave:


agricultural industry, agriculture, asia, asian, agricultural, crop, cropping, crops, east java,  farm, farmer, farming, farms, field, fields, grass, grasses, green, greenery, growing, growth, Indonesia, Javanese, jawa, java, jawa timur, land, landscape, male, man, outdoor, outdoors, outside, paddies, paddy, padi, pady, person, pesticide, plant, planting, plantings, plants,  produce, rice, ricefield, ricefields, terraces, terracing, traditional, valley, wind, winding, work, working hard, works


I’d add:


Terraced, rice fields, rice field, food, food crop, food crops, cereal crop, cereal crops, farm life


. . . or something similar. In other words, and in my opinion only of course--there is no absolute correct way, I'd remove anything that isn't a significant part of the image (like clouds and spring and life . . . for example . . . :) )



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Hi Agus.


As in the above comment, it's advisable to focus on the key elements of the image. Essentially, your aim is to make sure this image looks good in a keyword search for whatever the term is that you apply. Conversely, adding terms that are not relevant, or not strongly depicted, will weaken search results and cause your images to fall down in the Alamy ranks.


Think about the essence of the image. It should be searchable under 'one person' and 'terraced field'. In terms of describing the person, we could also add 'real people'. You have also included some relevant topic (agriculture and farming) to help differentiate this image from all of the other pictures of people in fields.


I agree that by removing irrelevant or weakly applied keywords you will further elevate your images in the search results. Question the relevance of each keyword. Can we really see 'clouds' here, or a 'hoe', and are they the main focus? What is the significance of 'door' for customers specifically searching for images of doors?


For additional Keywording tips you might try looking at:







Hope this is helpful to you.


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Thanks a lot for this Clemency - these are invaluable resources!

Only shame that alamy has not got that link anymore. 

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Yes, many superfluous keywords there - as dd said.


I'd take out: 

afternoonafternoons doordoorshorizonhorizontalspringsspringtimespringtimesstandstandup, timetimestropistropismtropisnbluecloudcloudscloudy

cropping farms meandermeandering, portraitpeoples styletake,


What is missing is: Where is it exactly. Name the village, region etc. 

East Java, Indonesia is not enough. Also add South East Asia.


Your caption is not great either. I'd say Indonesian farmer standing in a rice paddy spraying crops with pesticide, NAME of VILLAGE, East Java, Indonesia, South East Asia

This might be too long for the space, though. 

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