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Manage 1.0 not working on Firefox at the moment?

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Manage 1.0 is still working on Internet Explorer.

In Firefox (39.0) the page shows, but the counters don't work; Save changes don't work.

We have had that error before. For a very long time even.

Don't know how long the problem exists: July 24th was probably the last time I have used it.


Anybody else with the same problem? Or is it just me or my computer?



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How do you use manage 1.0? How to get there? -_- Just curious how it looks like, It was before my times here...




AFAIK it's only open for contributors that kept using it. For me it's a simple link, just as the new one.

To most people it now looks dated I guess. There is an ongoing debate which is better.

Flash is a bit yesterdays future. So the newer one is dated technically. The old one looks dated, but remains fully functional.



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I like using MI v1.0 for one part of the online process and 2.0 for the other.


The problem with the original is that it's full of glitches, for example once you've saved a page in say, Your Ref, it then reverts after the save to an undesirable list like Date Uploaded so you have to scroll back to your page - or next page - and there's no support any more so we're sort of stuck with its idiosyncrasies.


That said, I'm glad I can still use it after the threat to pull it in the early days of v2.0.


Here's a screenshot of what v1.0 looks like.




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I think that there might be a lesson for Alamy here. V1.0 has radio buttons for selecting the number of people etc. this means that the selections can be made with just one mous click. The current version requires two mouse clicks


For those with a large number of images to manage, it can make all the difference.

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The Edit Image page still does not work.
I was wrong when I wrote that it as working again.
The part that's normal is the My Images page.
On the Edit Image page most of the buttons don't work in Firefox.
Save image doesn't work either.
Because it's just this page that's affected and not the My Images page, it's not Firefox and not me.

Yes Manage Images 1.0 could certainly be made better. (As could 2.4)
You probably know about the call for proposals that Alamy did in November 2014, which still gets the odd posting now and then.
There are 32 threads on this forum alone with Manage images in the title. There are many more with "Manage Images" in the text. And if you sort the according to the amount of replies, you get staggering amounts. Not all complaining of course, but not a whole lot of praise either.
If you change the sorting order to views, you're in for a shock: top of the list is a topic with 3,932,406 views. That must have been a very twitchy finger or a stuck keyboard. Or probably a bot. Still very weird considering the call for proposals (#2 ranking) only got 11,473 views. The amounts of views were commented on, in the thread, while the post was fresh btw. Some combination of words in that thread must trigger a monitor that's stupid enough to leave a trace (=aka bot).


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