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Have you found any Alamy Images - April 2015

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Guardian Online


80eight Photography and Design




Backyard Productions (I think it's a crop of this image)




Dave Pattison (same article as above)




Mike Kipling Photography (same article as above)




Paul White Aerial Views (same article as above)




Robert Harding Picture Library (same article as above)




David Levenson


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Thanks for all of the messages of thanks :)  Lot's lately, always appreciated!


Mail Online 14th



BBEERJ Geoff Daniels England Education Secondary School Exams Boys and girls sitting or taking GCSE A Level Examinations

BY3H3X  Elizabeth Leyden  Clydesdale Bank at the Clydesdale Bank Plaza, Lothian Road, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, UK

DDGKP6  Jonathan Goldberg  Offices of the FCA, Financial Conduct Authority at Canary Wharf, London (formerly FSA)

AR89BB Alex Segre High Court of Justice, London, England, UK

BYH1KR  WENN Ltd  Abercombie Models Abercrombie and Fitch store opening at 7 Burlington Gardens London, England - 19.03.07

CFDP50  Tuul   South point, Isla Mujeres Island, Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo, Mexico

B3CDTD  MIXA  Mid adult woman pinching fat on waist

BY9K1N  Classic Image  Napoleon I, Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of the French. 1769 - 1821

AJ42H3 D. Hurst  Bottle of Tylenol

C5WYBE liv friis-larsen  happy holiday maker arrives at destination

BDPHGG dbtravel Taxi Stand at Howrah Railway Station in Calcutta India

B3EGYA  IS2008-09  Privacy sign on door

D76TKA  Stocksolutions   row of new cars for retail sale in a motor dealer yard showing same model in different color choices

BWY9KM  Comnet  unsuspecting theft woman hand person steal pocket bag culprit underpass crime pickpocketing victim crim

CW059X  Les and Dave Jacobs  Woman with suitcases waiting for train

AA6B5Y Tom Merton Woman in infinity pool

A857G1  Horizon  Young man in swimsuit briefs reclining on air bed in swimming pool

B7X16T Stephen Flint  Man using laptop computer

B5EWX7  Sorge  Tourists boarding a machine of the China Eastern Airlines, Shanghai, China

E9YR91  Martyn Williams  Qatar Airways Airbus A340, A7-ACG, on its approach for landing at London Heathrow, England, UK

EAJ5XH  Neil McAllister  Emirates Airline, woman served champagne in bar of A380 Business Class cabin

E5FYD7 Drew Buckley  Boat departs Castle Beach in Tenby, Pembrokeshire, pictured with St.Catherine's Island and Caldey Island in the distance

DWWGT3   Ian Dagnall  The Esplanade looking over the beach and St Catherine's Island, Tenby, Carmarthen Bay, Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK

C83JFT Valentyn Volkov Olive oil poured from a bottle on a metal spoon. Image isolated on a white background

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Mail Online 15th

AWMDWM Dan Lee Airbus A 380 flying above Le Bourget airport Paris France
BMTK0K Martyn Evans young woman emptying purse of coins to pay for doctors prescriptions
B7C409 Alex Segre Counter at a McDonald's restaurant, England UK
BCD7TG Kevin Britland mcdonalds restaurant sign with blue sky background
DWNWYW J.W.Alker Entertainment in an aircraft
CE53N2 Artur Marciniec Hacker using laptop. Lots of digits on the computer screen

ARBTRK  Robert Francis  The southern walls of Windsor Castle, the castle has been home to Royalty for 900 years, Windsor, Berkshire, England, UK

B3K384  Stockbroker Woman lying in bed sleeping

ANNCGA Mike Kemp Teenage girl holding a mobile phone and listening to music

B6EWDK  Emilio Ereza   Playing with bubble wrap#

A3XAM0  pierre bourrier  Young woman having a bubble bath in a bathtubAmsterdam,

D6GGX7 Jan Lederbogen The Netherlands, look at the De Nederlandsche Bank NV, DNB

C3HHHG Jamie Grill  Young woman eating salad

C4WDAT Tetra Images  Man pouring sweetener into coffee

DTKX2C  Ryan Jorgensen  Woman with serious expression holding carton of low fat milk on purple design interior. 

BD5NCJ  Bonisolli, Barbara  Tinned vegetables and pulses

BD4J7M Cimbal, Walter  Iglo frozen peas falling out of packet

BMBYK2 studiomode  Portion of margarine on a knife

CPCXK2  Steve Gallagher  Butter in dish on wooden table

BAE3AH  Radius Images  Couple Having Breakfast in Kitchen

AP58PT  Emilio Ereza   Obese woman  (no credits, might not be Alamy)

BGJAYH  Wolfhard Koeppe  child´s fat legs on personal scales

C8FKG4 Maurice Savage  Brighton (Magistrates) Crown Court, Brighton Law Courts, on Edward Street, Brighton, East Sussex, England

A2CNTA derek webb  cannabis smoker

D942YX  travellinglight   Blue Cheese on White Background - a portion of blue cheese on a white background with soft natural shadow

B5X393  D. Hurst  Glasses of red white and rose wine cutout isolated on white background

BPDF8B  Barrie Neil  External view of a Tesco supermarket

BRHF8G  Radius Images  Erg Admer, Sahara Desert, Algeria

BXNG4A  Finnbarr Webster   Algiers, City of Algiers in Algeria, North Africa

BMYPPR Mark Draisey  Sherborne School, Dorset 1980's

BG9XE3 Jake Lyell  A woman harvests tomatoes in her garden on the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

E00RHH   RosaIreneBetancourt  Australia NSW New South Wales Sydney Haymarket Sydney Central YHA youth hostel association lobby front desk reception world

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15/04/2015, UK, London Evening Standard, p27, Black Cap pub in Camden, DC6P0P, Roberto Herrett [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
15/04/2015, UK, London Evening Standard [Property section], p6, ducks at Haddenham, A052RX, Paul Felix Photography [Alamy credit only]
15/04/2015, UK, London Evening Standard [Property section], p7, Banbury, D9WMXN, Martin Bond [Alamy credit only]
15/04/2015, UK, London Evening Standard [Property section], p8, deckchairs on Brighton pier, B1H5JH, Image Source [Alamy credit only]
15/04/2015, UK, London Evening Standard [Property section], p34, Boulter's Lock at Maidenhead, B39W1W, Greg Balfour Evans [Alamy credit only]
15/04/2015, UK, London Evening Standard [Property section], p35, Maidenhead High Street, E5304C, Greg Balfour Evans [Alamy credit only]

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