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Hi all,


Trying to find a picture I shot of a school nurse teaching sex education threw up an interesting problem. I can only find it or indeed any sex education pictures if I'm logged in to Alamy.


Any search involving the word sex, including Sex Pistols, Sex and the City etc. results in no images if you're not logged-in.


Seems a bit bizarre. Anyone else had a similar problem?




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We’ve made a change to the site to block certain search words from showing up if you’re not logged in. 

We’ve done this because it reduces the risk of unwanted traffic from Google and helps to optimise our position in Google search results. They are all seen by logged in customers.
We’ve been working to increase our visibility on search engines and, in particular Google. An important part of this is making sure that our images appear in Google Image search.

Google has a concept of Safe Search which helps reduce the likelihood of pornographic or offensive images appearing in the search results. Sites that are regarded as being unsafe are less likely to be indexed and won’t feature in results. So, we’re doing what we can to avoid Alamy.com being marked as unsafe.   
When Google’s web crawler comes to Alamy and looks at our pages of images, it’s seen by our search engine as a user who isn’t logged in.
It would be impossible for us to go through all of our images and mark each one. So we have a list of control words which, if they appear in the keywords and caption, means that image is excluded from the search results if you’re not logged in.

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Hmmm...it seems that I have 397 images of women I've described with a keyword of "sexy".


Am I reading this correctly and thinking I should remove that keyword from those images?  I wouldn't consider many of them as "adult" in nature....I used the term "sexy" as a synonym of the word "attractive".


Alamy, would it be possible to share a list of these "certain words" in the contributor information section of the website?  It would help us help you :)



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Hi Ed - sorry we cant share the list, it changes all the time and we're not saying don't use those words - we're just saying that to keep best SEO practice a user must be logged in to see those images.

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That all sounds fine . . . but . . . if I was a casual buyer having a look at Alamy, not logged in because I'm just looking, I'm not going to find any images that contain "listed" words amongst their keywords unless I log on . . . so will visiting buyers be clearly informed that they need to log on to see the full collection of Alamy images?



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Definitely a wise move on Alamy's part. I have a number of "sensitive" images on my personal website which Photoshelter says are my most often viewed images. I've actually received email from people (most likely 14 year old boys) who wanted to  'discuss various phrases' I had used in the caption. As a result I temporarily removed certain images that attract this sort of viewer. Too bad PhotoShelter doesn't have a similar feature.



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