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  1. Thanks for the replies, The first super tag in both these cases are 'donkey' or 'donkeys'. With regard to sales, some of the old donkeys have sold but not the new ones. Maybe I need to re-upload the old donkeys? Maybe I need to do a quick portrait of myself and upload it tagged 'confused old git!' Cheers. M.
  2. Hi everyone, Not sure if this has been covered before, but I notice my older images seem to be falling further down the list in searches. As an example I've got about a dozen pictures featuring donkeys in my collection. If I search with the keyword 'donkey' the search engine returns 47,153 images of which my first three, shot in 2015, are on page 3 with one on page 4. All okay so far! If I then trawl for the older donkey pictures shot in 2003, they don't show up until after page 120. I gave up trying to find the exact page! Fair enough that they're spread ar
  3. Italy's privacy laws are quite strict but I don't think they're often imposed. You can't photograph an individual if they are the main subject without their permission unless they are at a public event like a festival etc. If they're not the main subject but are just in the shot, like a street scene, then that's okay. Children under 16 must not be photographed. The Italian press and TV nearly always blur the faces of children in their reports unless they've had parental permission. In theory, it's illegal to photograph inside stations, airports etc. You're also forbidden from phot
  4. Hi everybody, This license appears to be a new one on me and I wondered if many others had come across it: Country: Worldwide Usage: Editorial Media: Editorial website Placement: Single Placement Image Size: up to 1/2 screen Start: 01 February 2015 End: 01 February (one year. Forum won't accept twenty sixteen in numbers) In-Context Digital archival rights included in perpetuity. Right to syndicate the feature material in which the images appear via third party web properties when material is branded as per original use. As I understand it, this is a rights-managed image that is p
  5. Hi all, Trying to find a picture I shot of a school nurse teaching sex education threw up an interesting problem. I can only find it or indeed any sex education pictures if I'm logged in to Alamy. Any search involving the word sex, including Sex Pistols, Sex and the City etc. results in no images if you're not logged-in. Seems a bit bizarre. Anyone else had a similar problem? Thanks, Marc.
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