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Still don't know if I can upload images TAKEN on an iPad

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The latest blog post seems pretty definite:


"iPhone photos only please

We’ve seen some images coming through via Stockimo that aren’t shot on phones. We set up Stockimo to source and collect iPhone photos so we’ll be rejecting pictures that aren’t shot on a phone."



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THANKS guys & gals.

Wish they would make it clearer as an earlier post from Alamy said "it is technically possible to upload from iPad "

Will try a couple & see what happens !!

You folks are great when a problem rears it's ugly head.

Let U know how I get on !



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Clearly some images are being accpted from other than iphones  Just looked at one contributor who has some images around the 5508 x 3676 pixels mark accepted.  Since even the latest iphone 5s is only capable of 4000 x 3000 max there's something going wrong somewhere.



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