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  1. Mucked that quote up somehow. Was trying to say : Unfortunately if memory serves me correctly I'm pretty sure Alamy have said in the past that the caption carries very little weight in searches :-(
  2. I'm reminded of that line from Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid. The first rule is there ain't no rules...
  3. I'm still seeing these truncations. I have asked Alamy about it and they seem to think it's working, but it isn't and I gave them an example too. It seems to be happening with supertags and not tags. If I enter "old pier Brighton", hit save, deselect then select the image, the tag is complete. If I then change it to a supertag, hit save, it's STILL showing as complete. However, if I deselect then select it again, it's truncated. So the deselecting/selecting has to be done for every image, and all longer tags checked again! This is not a display issue, but the actual tags are saving inc
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. Sorry for delay replying it seems I wasn't automatically following this post like it used to in the past when I posted to a topic.
  5. Apologies if this has been covered already in this discussion. I got as far as page 9 of 37 & started to lose the will to live. Have just received the new IM today. It seems that the overwhelming number of my images that had phrases separated by commas are now broken up into individual words, which its going to take me ages to rectify. Anyone else have this problem & found a solution? Some are going to come up against the 30 character 4 word bar like war of the Spanish succession, but others are as simple as Lord Alderman being broken into 2 words. Also I am trying to assign a
  6. When I first started contributing on here I was contacted by Alamy to ask why I had placed restrictions on some images. When I replied that they were of people or property I didn't have releases for & was therefore restricting it to editorial, I was advised to remove the restrictions as it might limit sales, and told it was sufficient I had indicated no release was available. D
  7. Dave C


    That requires you to make enough sales to pass the earnings threshold at which they pay you! :-) Well I only managed to get 70 odd accepted anyway so I'm not holding my breath.....
  8. Dave C


    Thanks Lisa. Great youtube videos BTW. Wish I'd watched them whilst I still had an iphone. Would probably have helped my acceptance rate. Dave
  9. Thanks for all the hard work on this Lisa. Have watched a couple & will definitely work my way through the rest, Dave
  10. Dave C


    It pops up in the Stockimo app.. doesn't show in Alamy.. Stockimo users don't necessarily have an Alamy account.... Thanks Matt, best download it to my ipad then. Dave
  11. Dave C


    BTW I uploaded some when I had an iphone. Not having one any longer does anyone know how you can tell if you make a sale? Does it show up in your normal alamy account? Cheers, Dave
  12. Dave C


    I can see why iphone was a priority initially, but putting it another way you're ignoring the larger 60 odd percent who contribute that don't own an iphone. 3 years on from Stockimo's launch I think it's somewhat sad you've not come up with a solution to this. Another point. The current system is being got round anyway. One look at the stockimo pages tells you that. The depth of field or speed of reaction required on some is just not possible with an iphone. Take just one example on the very first page. It shows a couple in a mirror. The keyword captions include mirror &am
  13. Dave C

    Stockimo query

    I'd say my rate is nearer to 1 in 3 accepted overall now, although I'm still mystified sometimes when my sure fire thing isn't accepted, but it's all subjective at the end of the day. I mostly use befunky or PS express for PP, but will check out some of the reccomendations here. Good luck everyone. Dave
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