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Have you found any Alamy photos May 2024?

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38 minutes ago, Bryan said:

Times 1st



Kay Roxby  The Famous Grouse Experience at Glenturret Distillery, Crieff, Scotland,  JPYXMN


Thank you Bryan 😃

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4 hours ago, Bryan said:


Iain Masterton  Aerial view from drone of Ardbeg scotch whisky distillery  2G0NXC1

Iain Masterton Aerial view from drone of the Old Man of Stoer sea stack at Point of Stoer , Assynt, Scottish Highlands, 2R70T25

Iain Masterton Edinburgh, October 2022. Demonstration outside The Scottish Parliament at Holyrood by the Scottish family Party.  2K9CDGC


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Only one that I could find in the Guardian print edition today, but I like to think an important one:


01/05/2024, Guardian, p3, Reader's Digests, WW80X3, UrbanImages  :)


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02/05/2024, Guardian, p28, abandoned house in Japan, 2REFEYW, Toby Howard
02/05/2024, Guardian [Journal section], p10, Moody Blues, B51FWB, Trinity Mirror/Mirrorpix

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04/05/2024, New Scientist, p2, Alberta Badlands, C7CFXE, Elena Elisseeva
04/05/2024, New Scientist, p2, plant roots, 2AF40RY, Scenics & Science
04/05/2024, New Scientist, p13, northern paper wasp, 2H5MRND, JJ Gouin
04/05/2024, New Scientist, p17, black hole, CE8N60, MARK GARLICK/Science Photo Library [cropped]
04/05/2024, New Scientist, p18, sleeping baby, K8NWDE, Dmitrii Kotin
04/05/2024, New Scientist, p19, roses, HNTEMP, Fir Mamat [cropped]
04/05/2024, New Scientist, p19, microplastic, 2WW95XP, Svet [rot 90 deg]
04/05/2024, New Scientist, p28, Ozempic, 2WG9R5W, Eggy Sayoga
04/05/2024, New Scientist, p30, pareidolia in tree, G2C3CA, Piter Lenk
04/05/2024, New Scientist, p35, peanut warning sign, E098YY, Pat Canova
04/05/2024, New Scientist, p35, test for allergies, BR6TX6, David McLain/Aurora Photos/Cavan Images
04/05/2024, New Scientist, p36, wildflowers, PD2Y9K, Soren Nielsen/Image Source Limited
04/05/2024, New Scientist, p44, digging in garden, ED9MHF, Viktor Cap

ISSN:  02624079


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Image ID: 2R099X5 Contributor: Yaroslav Sabitov/YES Market Media / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: 2J19K8J Contributor: Jeffrey Isaac Greenberg 7+ / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: 2W9BRY7 Contributor: Humberto Vidal Photo / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: 2TE0876 Contributor: NAPA / Alamy Stock Photo
+1 I can't find


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03/05/2024, Guardian, p21, Duane Eddy, B505RF, Trinity Mirror/Mirrorpix [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
03/05/2024, Guardian [Journal section], p7, James Sharpe, JGDB04, Danny Lawson/PA Images 

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Rail Magazine Issue 1008 (May 01 – May 14, 2024)


Page 31 - Scotrail class 170 Turbostar train 170415 passing Fountainhall on the borders railway, Scotland, UK - Image ID: 2WF162G

Contributor: Michael Gilmore / Alamy Stock Photo (Alamy credit only)


Page 38 - Dawlish, Devon, UK. 5th February 2014. Damaged railway line at Dawlish. High tide waves smashed the sea wall and badly damaged the track - Image ID: DT0H2R

Contributor: nidpor / Alamy Stock Photo (Alamy credit only)


Page 39 – Sunlight falls on Dawlish train station where construction has begun on a new and bigger sea wall to protect the railway... - Image ID: 2DA77YD

Contributor: PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo (Alamy credit only)


Page 39 - Construction starts on heightening the sea wall and defences alongside the railway at Dawlish, Devon. - Image ID: 2A4X24J

Contributor: Mark Passmore / Alamy Stock Photo (Alamy credit only)


Page 43 - Storm Callum batters into the UK, trains at Dawlish pass along the sea wall. - Image ID: R1EY8P

Contributor: WENN Rights Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo (Alamy credit only)


Page 45 - A sign at the Waterloo Train Station that says ‘Do not travel. Due to severe weather... - Image ID: 2HWCHM5

Contributor: Belinda Jiao / Alamy Stock Photo (Alamy credit only)


Page 46/47 – Network Rail Line, Carmont, Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, UK. 21st Aug, 2020. UK. - Image ID: 2CCCN68

Contributor: JASPERIMAGE / Alamy Stock Photo (Alamy Credit only)


Page 62 – Eurostar train operating on the High Speed One (Channel Tunnel Rail Link) in a busy traffic corridor in Southern England - Image ID: A5WBKF

Contributor: qaphotos.com / Alamy Stock Photo Photo (Alamy Credit only)


Page 64 – ScotRail Train arriving at the platforms of the new Inverness Airport Railway Station - Image ID: 2PK8MYX

Contributor: JOHN BRACEGIRDLE / Alamy Stock Photo Photo (Alamy Credit only)


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