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paypal: free transfer of stock photo accumulated savings...?

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can anyone verify there is no paypal fee when transferring
  1. Go to Wallet
  2. Click Transfer Money
  3. Click Transfer to your bank
  4. Select in 1-3 days (No fee)
  5. Follow the instructions
thanks in advance
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Yes. I get paid through PayPal for my cat-sitting from one of my clients. Another client who didn't know how to do it caused me to have a fee but it was not when I transferred to my bank. I have no idea what she did but the fee was deducted before the transfer. The process is a little tricky because before you get to the page with the choice of right away or in  1-3 days there is a box that promises an immediate transfer. It's pretty obvious that you need to go to the next step to get the 1-3 days.



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I have never been charged a fee to transfer to my bank account. However, if you are sending to a bank outside the USA, you must convert to your currency (even if you have a USD account) and Paypal's exchange rate is really terrible.

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3 hours ago, Jill Morgan said:

As Paulette mentioned, they only charge a fee if you want it immediately, which I have never requested.  Always free to put in the bank.




Even with the free option, I find that the money usually arrives in my bank account in under 24 hours. The process is a lot faster than it used to be.

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