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What's your fastest selling pic on Alamy?

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I was pleasantly surprised to find that a pic I took on a walkabout in Streatham, London, on 13/11/23, sold in near record time for me on the 5/12/23. What's the quickest sale you have had on Alamy? (not including news items). 

SIgnage outside the former Horse & Groom public house, Streatham High Road, Streatham, London,  SW16, England, U.K. Stock Photo

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There was a thread on this some time back but I cannot find it.


I also had a photo which sold pretty quickly but do not remember which it was now so cannot post it.




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I'm not sure if this is my fastest seller but if not it would certainly come close.  Uploaded on the 8th Nov and sold on the 12th Dec.  It is, I think, the first I've sold where I've used the Sky Replacement tool in Photoshop - it was actually a very dull overcast day in July.


King's College Chapel building and the Crown Tower,, Aberdeen, Scotland,



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