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Alamy staff image sales


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I do recall it being announced that the senior staff had placed some pics on Alamy.


With Alan Capel leaving, James West departed, I wondered if either of them, or anybody else on Alamy staff, have made images sales?


James Allsworth maybe? 


If so, who has done best?


Just a bit of fun.....

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2 hours ago, Allan Bell said:

Toss up between Alan Capel and James Allsworth I would think.




Both were (are?) active on S*.



Not sure which one was by who though.



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Imagine my delight in getting an image I took suddenly becoming topical, in a fourth-page way, and reproduced in a national newspaper for reproductions rights that will last to the end of time, and I now await the kerching that $0.35 makes.  


They realised that it was not even worth their time.

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My main issue is that I don't follow my own advice and submit images regularly enough! 


I still do from time to time, but really my efforts live with making our platform the best it can be for others.


James A

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