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What 'all purpose stock' camera would you buy?

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I can only go by what I know, so if money was tight I'd use a Sony A99 (mark 1) and a couple of cheap lenses like the Minolta 50mm f/1.7 and Tamron 70-300 1:2 macro. I have both lenses & this camera, they cost very little but are good enough if used well. The A99 is an old FF digital body from about 10 years ago and they go for about £300-£400 now. They're slow and useless at shooting anything moving but that's ok. If I got lucky with the ebay lottery, I'd pick up a Sigma 12-24, again I have one in my current kit and I love how wide it is.


If money was no object I'd probably have a Nikon D850. Again, going by what I know, my second camera currently is a D500 which is part of the same family and similar in operation except it has an APS-C sensor. Then I'd have the holy trinity of lenses, a 14-24, a 24-70 and 70-200 f/2.8. And, I suppose, if money really was no object, I'd have a second D850, and my current long-lens setup of D500 & 200-500, which I never grow tired of using.

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I now only have an RX10 mk4 as my 'big camera' and an RX100 mk3 for my pocket camera. 
I downsized from full frame Canon gear and the only thing I miss is the low light capabilities, because, although both the Sony cameras can shoot in very low light, the quality is just not there.
The Sony cameras also deliver awsome video, and whilst the RX10 is 4k, the RX100 is only up to 1080, so my next and hopefully last camera purchase will be the RX100 mk 7 which allows 4k and has a 200 zoom, but is still small enough for my pocket.

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