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Other Fees -Affiliate charge for IY02417454 Image xxxxx

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5 minutes ago, Michael Ventura said:

But, I also had an infringement payout of low $$$ that I was not even aware of until now.  Happy about that.


Yes, I just checked again and I also seem to have benefited from an infringement payment... not worth as much as yours though!

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This is typical of month end billing where Alamy makes contributor pay for Affiliates links. lucky none this month for me.  Still no explanation from Alamy why these exploded in numbers since the new Agreement, nor if Contributors are paying for this way of attracting new buyers how they will share in future purchases from these Buyers after the affiliate finder's fee expires. 

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2 minutes ago, Matt Ashmore said:

Glad it's not just me then. I had thought that Alamy included any affiliate fees in the deductions when the sale was initially reported which is why this surprised me. Maybe they have changed the approach... who knows!


I thought the same - that previously affiliation fees were part of the deductions taken off the sale price.


Checking my dashboard today it appears that the affiliation fee has now been deducted from my cleared balance owing.  I don't see how this can be done if the sale hasn't cleared yet.  I'm being charged a fee for my image being sold before I see any money for the sale??

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