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ELEVEN refunds in my account this morning

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This morning I discovered ELEVEN refunds in my account, below is my copy of email to Alamy contributors relations and the reply I received.


Would you care to share with me why I have ELEVEN refunds in my account this morning,
when I am aware that most of them were published? See attached screenshot. Thanking you in anticipation.

 Arch White

Hi Arch,
We like to be as transparent as possible and so report sales to you as they happen, rather than when the sale has cleared; but the downside to this is sales occasionally get refunded.  When we say “refunded” technically this term’s not accurate as very rarely does money actually change hands.  Most common refund reasons are: incorrect invoice, customer’s price agreement not factored in or occasionally a customer’s project cancelled.

 In the vast majority of these cases the image will not have been used but if it has, then you’ll see the sale re-entered with the correct invoice details.
Kind regards,


Later today the eleven sales appeared again with their fees adjusted by various amounts from 4 cents to 2 Dollars. My question is, why has it taken around
a month for this seeming discrepancy to be discovered, the upshot is that I will probably get paid a month later than I would have if this error
had not occurred?

Of course I am well aware that there are much more serious and important things happening in the world at the moment but I thought that I would 

share this experience to get back onto the Forum after many years absence.



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Welcome back Arch.


Have a look at this thread Refunds - Stock photography discussion and contributor experience - Alamy


Unfortunately  the individual contributor comes second best to the buyers as far as the "business" is concerned - late payments, unauthorised uses dragging on for months and subsequent invoicing delays + more late payments, dubious "personal uses" etc.


When it happens I would like Alamy to be as "transparent" as possible as to how it lets itself and its contributors get into such situations!  

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the whole refund issue is getting bad, but i will laugh at the idea that Alamy likes to be as transparent as possible. 

None of the information provided on the refunds provides any transparency, Not one of refunds i have seen has provided reasons for refund, none have provided guarantee on what pricing basis the were determined, what currency conversion rate was used....  My most recent refund was re-licensed the day of the refund, as per the Licence date, but not reported for a full month? Where is the transparency,    In addition Alamy has yet to address what the impact of the moving dates will have on determination of Level under the new contract. 

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1 hour ago, Bryan said:

I don't recall this refund for a few cents less business ever happening under the previous regime, but maybe those with more experience can correct me ?

It did. Just the difference in the dollar rate. It could just as easily be more but maybe we don't mind those;)

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