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Really struggling in Febuary

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Vincent - you had me hunting the net for what a 'centuary' is. Re the topic: one easier way to get people in the shot is to genuinely want to take a photo of something - eg. buses, street signs - and include people on the side. And the people give scale and context and reduce any potential copyright problem. I like the 2 sd card idea. I will use that.  

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19 hours ago, Alexander Hog said:

It's my fault for the spelling mistakes and agree about the 2 card slot Need to change my camera at some stage so will have that option of the card slots one day

Get one that can be put on silent too so that those around you don’t know exactly when you are clicking. Also a tilt screen helps so that you can shoot without the camera at your eye. I must say I’ve only once had a reaction from anyone when taking photos. 

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The month started well enough for sales, if not prices, but nothing in the last 5 days.  I know of a couple of usages in The Times that have as yet to be reported, hopefully I won't have to chase them up.


Edit - Times uses invoiced today, not going to make me rich. Here's one of them.




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