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If my image is very complex, it has a few more tags. If it is simple, it requires few. Don’t make the mistake of putting unimportant tags in. For instance, you have a kiddie ride in a play park with children, that is the subject. Tag it well. The tree far in the background? Don’t tag “oak tree” because anyone searching for an oak tree wants it to be the main subject.
I made those mistakes and it’s a bother to have to go back and take those out so the image won’t get false hits which brings your CTR down.

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https://www.alamy.com/blog/captions-and-tags?utm_campaign=1921875_Blog update - April 2021&utm_medium=email&utm_source=contributoremail&dm_i=2SWW,156XF,12IMQ4,4EQ47,1






It would however be remis to not mention that with 31 images you don't have many images to find and that is the real problem.


Also 2GN232A  whilst a treasure is neither Mark Twain or Ben Franklin.


stay safe.

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