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Anyone else suddenly getting more Affiliate Commission charges?

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I just went through my whole history of licencing, in 3 years I had one Affiliate commission charge up to July 23, 2021.  Now since the new contract is in place this is my 3rd sale in a row with Affiliate commission.  I know my account is small, and this could all be noise but i'm curious if anyone else is seeing an increase, and if yes if Alamy can advise what changed.  

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8 hours ago, John Mitchell said:

Yes, it's a bit of a mini epidemic. Perhaps there are a lot more affiliates than there used to be.



It just doesn't make sense, why the sudden increase. Losing 15% of already reduced earnings doesn't help, but it's more a question where are these coming from all of a sudden?   

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This year I have had 3 affiliate charges for the first time ever, all in quick succession since August....as Meanderingemu points out its yet more commission heading out of our pockets. So Yes, there has been a sudden increase from my side of things of these charges. 

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24 minutes ago, Alexander Hog said:

Just looked this morning and had $1-20 taken off in affiliate charges  I agree with how others are feeling 



third month end in a row with an adjustments from Affiliate charges for me, and of course it's always on bigger licences,  and still no clarification from Alamy why these have increased so much since the contract change, and what value they have in attracting sales

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