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I would appreciate comments on my images.

Jim Peacock

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Hello:  In 2015 I had 60 images with Alamy but after a few months with no sales I lost interest.  2021 I started submitting images again after Alamy indicated one of the 2015 images sold in 2020.  Amazing that making one sale sparks the interest.


Following the Alamy forums has been very helpful.


I'm looking forward to seeing any comments.  By the way I live in Costa Rica.


Thank you,



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I like your images but they seem a little dark to me. it will be interesting to see if others think the same. Try searching one of your subjects and see if your image seems dark compared to the rest of the page. Bright and colorful stands out and people buy them.



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Keywords and captions are pretty good. Just need to cut out some minor mistakes (we all make them to a greater and lesser extent):


Spiny-tailed Iguana (Ctenosaura similis) enjoying the sun in Costs Rica - Image ID: 2GG6EH3


Spiny-tailed Iguana enjoying the sun in Costa Rica - Image ID: 2GG6EGX

Would help to have the Latin name in the caption for this one too, like the one above. Also, you need to watch copying and pasting keywords between similar images. For example, no ocean seen in the image (and not much seen in the other image either), but you have ocean, pacific etc. as keywords. Not sure I'd have 'animal' as a keyword either as it's too generic, but perhaps another contributor could weigh in on that.



"Before you start, think about the potential use of the image and what it’s likely to be sold for, the more accurately you describe your image, the more visibility it will have in customer searches, which will significantly increase your chance of making a sale."


Yes, sales are always motivating!


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It may just be that you're being a little over-cautious, and many, presumably out of necessity, have been taken on overcast days which doesn't help. However the Iguana is clearly basking in the sun but it doesn't give that impression so could be brighter. As you probably know the number in blue underneath our forum pictures goes to our images so you could open a tab in your browser for a selection of different photographers and see how they look to you. If they all look too bright to you then it probably is calibration but even if you calibrate you have to choose a brightness setting to suit your viewing conditions. I should say that I've also been guilty of being a little cautious on the brightness front, I'm trying to cure myself.

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Agree with other comments. Images would benefit from a bit more punch, slightly brighter and more saturated. If you are using Photoshop or Lightroom, try hitting the "Auto" button on the Basic adjustment panel in Adobe Camera Raw to get a starting point. Works well on the Iguana pictures (for example). Also check the histogram levels cover a good range of brightness and contrast.



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Hi, image 2GBE0G suffers from a lack of corrected white balance. If you use the white balance dropper on the glider or white tee shirt, or any area that’s true grey or black, you’ll find that muddy blue sky will change dramatically. Any time you use the dropper and you don’t like the result, just put it on a different area until you get what you like.

Others have given you very good advice. You have some interesting material.

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On 05/09/2021 at 12:40, Jim Peacock said:

Alamy indicated one of the 2015 images sold in 2020.

increase exposure +0.6

increase contrast +0.3

increase collections size 20K

you've got the "real people doing real things" images right,

but to get regular daily licenses, need 20K+ more than only 207...

50/day x 364 = 18.2K new images annually = not bloody impossible

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Hi Jim,


I agree with the others who say your images are a bit dark, though not all your photos are underexposed.  

As you continue to build your portfolio, maybe try to photograph more colorful subjects and experiment with different lighting and techniques.

Otherwise, you have some very nice photos!



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