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  1. CTR akin to horsepower...? if one gets it to go up, well, one can still crash... but if & one knows how to handle it... & as far as Victorian proprietary incursions, well... down-arrow me all ya want but try to keep me steady at -666, will ya mates...
  2. you said it twice that was so nice remember when... textbook licenses were $280 gross (10) licenses in a day meant $1K net (now its lucky to yield $100 net) contribs moaned that they didn't want their images licensing for less than $50 gross (now $50 gross is considered decent...?!!) one could have ~30 licenses in a row, none under $48 gross: Rights Managed Country: South Korea Usage: Consumer goods Media: Calendar Industry sector: Business Sub-Industry: Stock calendars Print run: up to
  3. BrianY old chap you're doing that thing you've done putting me up way high on a pedestal AND😨I'M😨TEETERING😨HERE😨I'M😨TEETERING I've posted me Photoshop slider settings many times recently in "portfolio critique" threads with the usual dismissive responses from some insisting every image requires extensive unique treatments; mine will ne'er be but a bit to left or right on sliders, nothing more... blimey, can't bloody offer anything else, mate...
  4. add a "not" function to AoA % symbol can be used in AoA searches, e.g., %traffic control% will return all searches that include "traffic control" please consider activating another symbol that acts as eliminator, e.g., #air# %traffic control% would NOT return any "traffic control" images that also include "air" thanks in advance
  5. > the point of any of your posts is? to separate what's real from what some believe...
  6. Ah. Thanks. A lot. 👍 👍 👍 Never noticed AoA "download Excel" option. Then insert columns with Excel formulas...? Extra steps each search, but at least... Wonder if Alamy could add "without" option to AoA... Say, another symbol with opposite effect of %xxxx%
  7. tis rare but always brilliant to be majorly chuffed by unexpectedly encountering one's image in prime setting whilst pursuing one's daily routine: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/florida-is-ditching-palm-trees-to-fight-the-climate-crisis/ar-AAPR5Um?fbclid=IwAR00B6vKak2gsyY9mVNsJaWGmkTGBE9qtcge4sGT5KcXO6A1g5Y2ztNi5mU & at that moment to only be literally a few steps from whence bloody photo was taken!
  8. example %traffic control% but not "air" [%traffic control% not air] don't work [%traffic control% NOT air] don't work [%traffic control% -air] don't work please someone help a bloke won't you
  9. More fours than fores, old chap. But not by much. 🏑 🏑 🏑
  10. > This isn't a court that requires evidence... Its a site where responsible professionals provide supporting evidence when claims are presented as facts. > What I would like to see is your evaluation of various raw processors... Some of us are NOT software evaluators, rather we rely on authoritative sources or group consensus. 👥👥👥👥👥
  11. > English daily vernacular contains more swear words than adjective these days Some chaps with whom I play golf have vernaculars limited to 🤬 ONLY 🤬 swear words...
  12. as an 🌍 anglophile 🌍 who knows practicing worldwide vernaculars & later employing them to trigger salable photo opps & thereby maintaining FULL TIME stock shooting status, that tip is problematic
  13. upon further review there appeared to be a single searcher that zoomed (48) of me hotel images so maybe no CTR slaughter yet & no CTR data recovery although this morning's CTR was hellishly low I hope I don't get more naughty points for hellishly as I recently got 3 permanent naughty point for, AFAICT, a British slang that rhymes with banker & has no meaning to me but apparently has a value of 3 permanent naughty points. So I advise staying away from that word whether or not one is familiar with its meaning...
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