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  1. Hi Geogphotos, Thank you for your input. I’ll keep your tips in mind. Thanks!
  2. Hi Kimba, Thank you for your feedback. I’ll keep your suggestions in mind for the future. Thanks!
  3. Hi Lorenzo, I find you have beautiful photos overall. Just a few notes: For the mosaics, next time try to get a few shots directly from above the design you want to shoot. Also, you could take a few macro shots or get as close to the subject as possible. Some of your landscape photos are a bit overexposed but I'm sure you know this already. The next time you photograph people in costume, try to get closer to them and shoot them from different angles. You can also shoot close ups of their costumes or masks. By the way, "super tags" are the top 10 ta
  4. Hi Jim, I agree with the others who say your images are a bit dark, though not all your photos are underexposed. As you continue to build your portfolio, maybe try to photograph more colorful subjects and experiment with different lighting and techniques. Otherwise, you have some very nice photos!
  5. Hi everyone, Please feel free to check out my images and tell me what you think of my portfolio. Thanks for your time! Kind regards, Aurore
  6. Yep, just happened to me too. 3 images sold for 0.25 cents each! I don't know what's going on...
  7. Thank you John Mitchell and thank you Michael Ventura. I am very grateful for all your replies! I wish you all a great afternoon/evening. Aurore
  8. Thank you for your help meanderingemu! I am reading the contract in the same way you are. My only concern is if I manage to get paid for the article and my photos are used, would that be considered a breach of contract. Thanks again! Aurore
  9. Hello everybody, I have read the pertinent article in the contributor contract but I have not found the answer to my question: Can I use some of my exclusive images in a travel article if I get paid for writing the piece? I have asked Alamy about this scenario but they did not provide me with an answer. Thank you all for your help. Best, Aurore
  10. Hi everyone, I haven’t seen any discussion about the subject in the forum, so here goes. Has anyone taken part in Alamy’s POTM on Twitter or Instagram? If yes, then did you see an increase in your sales or do you feel you gained exposure? What are your thoughts about POTM? Thanks for sharing your experience! Take care, Aurore
  11. Thank you very much for your reply and your help Bryan! Kind regards, Aurore
  12. Hello Bryan, Thank you for your posts. What is "Travel Special"? Do you know how long it takes for Alamy to credit a sale? I have not been credit yet for the photo you mentioned, hence my question. Thanks and have a great day/evening. Aurore
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