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I can't see all my content when searching for it with my name

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Good morning, I have a problem, when I put my name in the search to see all my photographic content, I only see 12 photos taken in Canada. Can you tell me how I can see the photos and why they do not appear? Is it possible that it is an error on the page? Thank you

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Click on the search magnifying glass icon on the Alamy homepage - don't put any words in the search bar. Then click on 'advanced search'. Put your name under 'Search By: contributor name'. Then click on the magnifying glass at the bottom again.

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You have 12 news images with your name in the caption. Standard search only shows these, because your non-news images don't have your name  in the tags or caption.

If you click on the blue number below your name in your post, all your images appear as they should.

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note, contributor information AND Locations are not searchable.  for example:


  Train signs where the travel destinations are written Stock Photo



people looking for "Madrid  Spain train"  will not find your image, because you do not have it in caption nor keywords



note also you don't usually need to add the words in Spanish, because Alamy will translate the English ones if someone searches in Spanish, but will not do the reverse if they search in English  (so having "tren" would not get a hit for a search for "train"). 

My only exception are words that someone speaking English would use in English, as example quite a few searches related for the Camino de Santiago in English that uses words like "Camino" "Albergue" "Peregrinos"


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