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On 21/07/2021 at 14:50, wiskerke said:

You're welcome.

A bit to the north of you, they have the same g/ch: video 1.


A different take on where the Scottish G/CH comes from in this short video. Oops .




A bit to the west would be more correct in fact. It's actually Irish (Gaeilge) not Scottish. It was brought to Scotland by the Irish invaders some time way back before the Normans invaded England and then Ireland. The Scottish version is a dialect with very similar words and sounds to Irish (of which there are numerous dialects in various parts of the country). It's only the Ch sound not the G, which is always a hard G, as far as I know. The complicated bit is where a normal C changes to a Ch for a noun beginning with C depending on the case and gender. 


Because of learning Irish (or having it literally beaten into me) I find it fairly easy to do a Dutch G. The same with Spanish where the G can be hard or soft (guttural in the latter case). 


The proper pronunciation of loch is more like luch (like luck with a guttural ch ending) not lock which is actually an anglicisation. 


Merseysiders (including true Scousers)  have a very noticable guttural sound at the ends of words such as back which I guess must come from the Irish. 

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As for the original topic, I also do not like (putting it mildly) the way the videos flash past. Five seconds on each would be much more aesthetically pleasing. 

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It's not even aesthetic for me. I just get dizzy and sick to my stomach. Didn't they used to change the homepage? That awfulness is still there. I started this thread July 1.



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I’ve seen a couple of other web-sites doing the same thing.  I think it’s supposed to be ‘on-trend’,

y’now, hip, cool, web-designer-chic type of thing !


I’ve not met anyone other than a web-designer or a gullible account executive who thinks that video on the landing page is in any way attractive  - it may take a while for them to realise that ‘different’ isn’t always better.


Personally, I think its god awful appallingly bad.


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