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Fuji X-T4

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On 21/01/2021 at 16:13, Phil said:

After owning both the X-T1 and X-T2 I traded them in on an X-T4 soon after it was available.  Skipped the X-T3.

X-T4 IMO is noticeably better than the 1 and 2.   I am very satisfied using it for both stills and some video clip work.


Yes Betty - the X-T4 has IBIS to go with any lens with or without OIS.   

I’m where you are. I have the T1 and T2. I just ordered the T4 from B&H, along with a Fujifilm 1.4 TC. An extra battery, and a two-battery charger. Threw in an order for two 32G Pro Sandisk cards with a faster write time than the 32s I’m presently using.

I expect I’ll be selling the other two very gently used cameras. I’ll still have my RX100-3.

The TC only works with three Fuji lenses. 100-400, 50-140, and 80mm macro. I own all three.

 No ship notice yet, but “expected” delivery date is March 3.

Phil, can you tell any difference how LR processes the T4 images compared to the T2? T4 is still an Xtrans, right?

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22 hours ago, Betty LaRue said:

Phil, can you tell any difference how LR processes the T4 images compared to the T2? T4 is still an Xtrans, right?


Betty - for a long time I have converted my X-T(1,2,4) .RAF files to DNGs with the Irident X-Transformer utility.  Then imported the resulting .DNGs into LR.  All fine.


I should add - I'm still on LR 6.14     I've read that the later versions of LR's RAW converter engine do better with Fuji RAW's than the older versions.


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On 26/02/2021 at 00:05, dlmphotog said:


RDP was the start of my FUJIFILM love also. I was working at a commercial studio when they switched form Kodak 120, 4x5 film with it's inconstant ASA ratings and wide swings in color form different batches to FUJIFILM with its dependable consistent color and ASA. The X100 was a paradigm shift for me as well.


I shot just about every job/assignment/personal project on 100 RDP Fujichromes for 15 years to the pont where I understood how much to push/pull/twist every roll in every condition. It seemed however, that the day I turned my back on it to go digital was the saddest loss of all that gathered knowledge. And now I know how to pull/push and twist an S-curve. How marvellous.

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I don't have LR CC or the X-T4 but I've read that with certain images LR still has the same problems but that if you run the extra 'Enhance Details' process that works very well. I sat on the fence with respect to Iridient after Phil Crean recommended it. However at the weekend I shot a nearby landscape on what was a rather misty day and I just wasn't happy with the results, even from my new (to me) X-T2. There was a distant field with fresh grass that held no detail and looked very unnatural, a distant copse where the branches looked smeary, a nearby tree where the leafless branches were very indistinct and confused. So I fired up Iridient and the difference was extraordinary, as if I'd used a different lens, I knew the lens was sharp but it just was looking as if there was something wrong with it on the LR files. Paid for Iridient on the spot. 

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