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  1. The Fuji XT-4 has a pretty good burst rate, but not as long as the D500 . that was one of the reasons I got it, but rarely used it.
  2. Afternoon all. I've decided at last I need to get a full frame camera.. not just for stock, but mainly for events etc. I've got a Fuji Xt4 ( appreciate this isn't FF ) which I'm happy with and the lenses are great so I'll keep this a camera 2, but just occasionally it doesn't start up, it moans about and SD card, and it doesnt like one of the lenses I have. I always manage to get round this, but it can take a couple of minutes ( other than the lens issue ). At an event where you can't afford to miss a shot I really don't want to be dealing with that. My D500 never missed a beat. However I
  3. It was made up today with a nice print use in the Times paper.
  4. Had 3 sales come in over the last week, all < $3 looks like it's becoming a Trend 😞
  5. I've still an outstanding unauthorised use going back to June that is waiting a response from sales .. chased several times, still waiting.
  6. Hi Ed i switched to Fuji x series last year. Great lenses and cheaper than Nikon’s. whole setup much lighter. Another driving factor was video capability which on the whole is better than dslr. On a whim I got a discounted open box Sony RX 10 III last week with the huge zoom range. I’ve sold 5 news pictures off it already with 2 in print yesterday, auto focus not brilliant but it beats carrying around the huge Sigma I had before and is a lot less conspicuous. In my shoulder camera bag I can now carry Fuji with 2 lenses, Sony rx10 and my DJI mini with a tripod.
  7. Positive Month for me. Had a TV sale of a 3 year old pic show up today, $147. That was from a "news"outing I did. I've got 2 free tickets to a Kaiser Chiefs concert for this week - applied for media passes, and got them. Zooms are up. Alternating my output with video distributors, and another news agency, but still very much going to be submitting to Alamy and working with them on events and "pictures of the day" kind of stuff. Chased an infringement personally ( with Alamy permission ) and got a sale. Not done as much photography as I wanted to this year, but very much looking forwar
  8. ..and I only logged in today to say had a surprisingly good month on sales, that was my first mistake
  9. Rearrange these words .. in lid coffin nail another the has to be a monumental c*ck up, mine has 4 digits in it
  10. I've allways run Windows ( primarily ) Dell desktop + laptop. I have to say the new Mac chip looks pretty good ! Biggest point I want to make is that make sure the video card is properly supported by Adobe, especially when you get into editing 4k videos. Most laptops that I can see, other than the very high end ones, have video cards ( still with 4gb ) that are not fully supported by Adobe, so do some careful research on this one if you want to make the most of the GPU processing power. I just got myself a Dell XPS from the Dell factory store, saved a bit of regular new price, and
  11. Just found an "interesting one". I was doing a reverse image search to see where a recent small sale had been used ( ended up being Daily Mail). Anyway, I then found it on the website of a travel company who had believe originally purchased it. RM Image, paid $37 or so for it, it is of one of their brands / products, but taken in public space, with property released down as "No" . Turns out they've put the image on their Marketing / PR page as a free download, and it's the original full res image ( 6000 x 4000). No attribution to me, no statements on image use of anything, anyone can downloa
  12. 60% of nothing or 50% of something ? As a direct result of the email yesterday, and no one getting in touch with me to confirm my rate despite my contacting them, I uploaded a handful of news / weather pics to other agencies today. I've allready had one use on line in the Sun. It seems fairly simple to me, Alamy can either have 60% of nothing, or 50% of something. Tomorrow I've got another great shooting opportunity which is going to go elsewhere.
  13. I think for us contributors that are primarily use the "news" route this new contract should be of concern to Alamy as well as ourselves. There are plenty of other agencies out there who pay 50% without any stipulations, and who push out images just as well as Alamy Live News does. One does have to ask why PA would keep Alamy Live news going as well as their own News feed, although I bet it's cheaper to source pics from Alamy News than it is to have full time news photographers, and of course they get a diversity of images they wouldn't otherwise get. I've just invest
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