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  1. Will do. I know there was a photographer from PA who was down at the same spot that I go to and he got himself and his D4 completely swamped in a wave .. it killed it there an then.
  2. My goto shot is St Michaels Mount., but 75% of the moonrise times there's a layer of clouds in the way 😞
  3. Hi Julie, Do you know if you can set Metadata yet in lightroom mobile ( as needed for Live news uploads) last time I looked it wasnt there in any of the Ipad apps.
  4. thanks James., I checked the Times and the Telegraph it wasn't in there, I rarely check the Guardian. well done in the Moon by the way, we were shrouded in clouds yet again last night.
  5. I'll be going Monday / tuesday morning, assuming I've shook this lurgi off by then 😞
  6. Hi Phil I've looked again and you are right - it now illuminates the controls, however ( honestly ) before it was bringing up the white balance setting. at the moment it's behaving
  7. Could be .. it does get splashed / rained on in the storm pictures
  8. Had a last minute 3 figure sale pop up of the Pug at the 11th hour yesterday. Alamy sale volume exceeded 2018, revenue nearly made it, but taking into account sales elsewhere smashed it ! Disappointed with 2020 - 0 so far 😉
  9. I was just having a look at views / zooms for last month ( stupidly high ratio at the moment ) and was intrigued to see 2 pages of search term "alamy" over the last month one line of which had 4 zooms. I'm intrigued as to whats going on ?
  10. I sent in a deliberate motion blur - picture was on tripod everything in the background was razor sharp but the person was blurred. It was the only QC failure I had in a looooong time. I felt so strongly that I ran it past my main ( news ) contact at Alamy, everyone that looked at the picture agreed it should have passed and it was clear that there was no camera shake .. in the interest of getting on with life I just let it go.
  11. Thought my Nikon D500 had died the other day, whilst out on a shoot, the back display went blank and the top LCD just showed 0.0 however it was taking pictures still. Having had a play I *think* what is happening is that the power switch is intermittently getting stuck in white balance adjustments. Several turn offs, battery out, then back on cures it, but randomly it will go back to the same. Just wondered if anyone else had experienced similar ? regards Simon
  12. I'm not normally one for new year resolutions, but I will be making several this year on the IT business side of things which I won't bore you with. As regards Photography and stock I think mine are going to be :- Shoot more niche stock as well as the local news/weather pictures ( where 90% of my pictures / revenue comes from Do some marketing to get more paid for assignments, PR work, studio/portrait work and treble my income from that side of things Improve my skills re lighting /flash / studio work Chill out a bit more behind the camera What are yours going to be ? All the best Simon
  13. Thanks for the spot .. thats my second cheap colourful Umbrella in a month, first one got destroyed in a mild breeze on the seafront, but paid for itself many times with the picture.
  14. Hi Allan, At the moment I convert from Raw to DNG automatically on import into Lightroom, based on research I did a couple of years ago when I started to sell pics. However I thought it was worth doing some digging on the subject, and came up with this interesting piece. https://photographylife.com/why-i-no-longer-convert-raw-files-to-dng I'm going to do some checks on file sizes of compressed lossless RAW vs the DNG on my Nikon and see how they compare, not sure about Sony, regards Simon
  15. I recently did an update to Lightroom which caught me out when I tried to export files whilst out.. it wouldn't do it, which was a bit of a showstopper. Apparently it's a known bug, and here is the workround :- https://helpx.adobe.com/lightroom-classic/kb/error_export_folder.html regards Simon
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