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DACS Payback 2021

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35 minutes ago, Marianne said:


Absolutely! With people saying they found hundreds I wanted to be sure they weren't mistaken in assuming that meant their images were actually in all those books. 

Ironically, now that fewer books have previews, it can be harder to find uses. I wish all books would include the copyright pages and photo credits.

I found a lot more magazines using google images search - more new ones than I anticipated in 2020 in travel articles. Wish major magazines would use our names and not simply "Alamy," "Getty," etc. 


I agree, it is something that should definitely happen and is a very reasonable 'wish'.


Unfortunately, stock photographers have no power or influence because there is no solidarity. As far as I am concerned any hope of that went down the plughole when SAA embraced RF and micro stock. So we are all left scrabbling around on our own trying the best we can and agencies can do as they like. Publishers even more so.


It's a chain.  Less respect for the photography also means less respect for the agency.

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53 minutes ago, Marianne said:


With Covid worse than ever in Westchester County, NY where I live, newsstand browsing is a fond memory. Someday though with hardly any bookstores left, "newsstands," i.e. a small rack of magazines in my neighborhood Walgreens or at the supermarket are far less diverse than when we had larger bookstores in surrounding towns. We have two small independent bookstores left, which is great, but neither carry magazines. 


Sadly, most magazine stores have closed here as well. A local pharmacy still carries a good selection. However, during COVID they hassle you (understandable, I guess) if you browse for too long. I still manage to sneak in a few peeks. There are few independent bookstores left in Vancouver as well, although some of them don't appear to be doing too badly. I guess people are reading more while they stay at home.

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16 hours ago, Marianne said:

When you use the wildcard search are you then checking inside the book to be sure you really have an image in there? When I search my name and alamy I get hundreds of hits, but most are not books I have images in. In fact, even when I search my name, unusual as it is, I get tons of hits for books without images. 




I always check the photo credits to make sure that I actually have an image in the book. The other day, I found an unreported image use credited to one of my pseudos in a recently published textbook. Shall have to keep an eye on that one ... 👁️

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51 minutes ago, Philip Game said:

Is Alamy offering again this year to lodge claims on behalf of contributors? Haven't seen or heard anything yet...


Unless you opted out a few years ago when the contract changed Alamy will make the claim for you. 

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