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Nikon D5 problems

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I bought a Nikon D5 which arrived yesterday.  Pics without flash are perfect but every time I take a pic it over-exposes on TTL.  Exp comp and flash comp are set to zero, flashguns work on my other cameras, I've looked at the D5 menus and everything seems normal.  Anyone any ideas?

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Check the seating of the gun on the hotshoe and especially clean. I had a similar problem years back on my Canon 5D2. wriggled the gun around to seat correctly and all OK thereon.


Worth a try I guess - good luck

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43 minutes ago, Colblimp said:

Oh, simple as that?  OK, let's try it.

Yes I was in the middle of a job, using bounce flash with ETTL and the first few shots were ok, then 3 or 4 in a row were complete whiteout overexposed, so I switched everything off and on again, same overexposure. Took flash off hotshoe, wiped the base with a tissue I had in my pocket put it back on and all worked perfect for the next 400+ exposures. I can only think somehow a bit of dust or something had got in between the contacts that feed the info re TTL readings between camera and flash...


Good luck


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8 minutes ago, PAL Media said:

If you have corrosion on the contacts, you could try vinegar.

Take a cotton bud, dab it in vinegar, squeeze as much of it off as you can with your fingers, rub on contacts, wipe clean with dry paper or cloth.

Good advice generally,  but in this case if I had corrosion in a camera I'd just bought I think I'd be sending it back!


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