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Seaside novelty printing machine


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I think it is a machine where you can write and print out your name or whatever you want. One boy is pushing the buttons for letters and the other one is positioning the punch to print.


Or at least that is what I think is happening. Does this machine have a specific name?


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4 minutes ago, John Morrison said:

I remember seeing - and using - one of these at a railway station, to print your name on a thin metal strip...


Yes I also remember them vaguely. I distinctly remember handling the thin, light metal strips that you mention. 


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The ones commonly seen on railway stations, probably  into the 1970s or later as I remember, were made the The British Automatic Company Ltd and were labelled 'Print Your Own Metal Nameplate'. The one in  your photo looks a lot older than those I remember, but it might be worth searching further to see if they were made by the same company.  Eighteen letter/spaces for an old penny on the oldest one I've seen in my brief search, but inflation took that up to 10p for ten letters (two shillings or twenty-four old pennies) by the time they disappeared from our station platforms.

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