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5 hours ago, John Mitchell said:


COVID fatigue is going to be an increasingly serious problem. There was an anti-mask rally in downtown Vancouver recently -- only about 1000 Covidiots but still disturbing. That said, the majority of people here tend to be doing all the right things (as I'm sure Betty is). Still, it promises to be a long winter...

Perhaps that should be qualified as Pre-Covid Fatigue, a psychological state which is perfectly understandable but nothing too difficult to deal with really in comparison to Syn- or Post-Covid fatigue.  The endless threat of some unknown potential horror with no end in sight tends to erode one’s sense of caution. That is natural. Covid-19 may even seem remote. But it only takes one episode of contact with an infected person to become infected. Even more insidious is the fact that a large proportion of infected  people are entirely asymptomatic.


Well Post-Covid fatigue is something else again, potentially debilitating in the long term. And Syn-Covid fatigue is not too pleasant either and may be accompanied by some very nasty or even deadly symptoms. So if you are getting a touch of the Pre-Covid fatigue then wake up guys and gals. Do not let your guard down. Do not become complacent, especially if you are in a vulnerable category. 


It doesn’t help at all when the messages coming from our so-called leaders are so mixed and confused. Wear a mask, don’t wear a mask. There is no doubt we are in this for the long haul, as length of immunity and the effects of reinfection are unknown so vaccines may not be the absolute ending of this nightmare. It is not just going to disappear by Christmas. It is getting worse. There is no point in feeding people false hope in sound bites and lies. There is no cure and there is nothing to undo the damage that it can do in the body.  

All that said, there is light at the end of the tunnel but it can be hard to find at times. Photography certainly helps. And the occasional bit of new kit can inspire (back on topic phew)




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I’m doing well. When the pandemic started, the way my normal life changed loomed large. As time passed, I guess I got used to being alone. Not going out to lunch with my daughter. Not going to church, not hopping in the car to do a bit of shopping. Ordering groceries and picking them up.

What I don’t like is television stinks. The few shows I watched regularly just show reruns. College football is weird with 1/4 the fans allowed, games being cancelled, and players opting out. So...stuck inside where one might do more tv watching than before, I’m not finding much of interest.

What I have done. Planted and enjoyed tomatoes. Planted milkweed and enjoyed raising a few Monarchs. Shoot around home. Paint watercolor. Watch some U-Tube videos on things I’m interested in. Actually, quite a lot. Read novels on my Kindle. Talk to family by phone. We have had a few small family gatherings, last was 4th of July. Before that, Thanksgiving. 4 guests who were pretty safe because they sheltered. And I’ve had a couple doctor visits, masked, of course. Traveled 60 miles to see my 2 sisters who were/are sheltering, once in 7 months.

March, April, May and June was mostly isolation months, except for buying my plants outdoors in April, masked. And yes, I guess I had a touch of Covid fatigue. I’ve been around people more in a spurt or two just lately, although masked. I’m back to staying in again. Especially since my son-in-law was exposed and I was around him once before he knew. I cancelled a cardiac stress test for today because of it. Even though mine was second hand contact, I will not risk others.

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