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How was your September 2019?

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11 hours ago, jodyko said:

I suspect that many of us, though often only on the sidelines, appreciate and benefit from advice and critique  given here. It would be unfortunate if the responses of a few were to discourage those kind enough to offer their time and consideration in a helpful effort. Please don't underestimate the value of your help to those not directly participating.



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12 hours ago, Betty LaRue said:

Jodyko, you’ve just reminded me of a very important fact. Thank you. When I joined, the forum was often less than friendly. Worlds away from these great people here now. I lurked, like you. I read the posts and absorbed as much as I could, but I myself didn’t ask. Alamy, in all their wisdom, closed that forum, and after some time, reopened it minus the hateful ones. Then I began to be active on the forum and was no longer afraid to ask questions. I guess it’s fair to say Alamy gave the forum an attitude adjustment! :D

I need to remember that even when somebody asks our opinions, then bites us when we give them, there are others quietly taking our help on board and learning.

See, I just learned something from you!



I have to confess that I'm one of those "absorvers in the shadow"...thoroughly reading the forum and learning about stock photography. So I must say a big THANK YOU to all of you that spent your precious time answering and giving away your knowlegde and experience in the forum 👏👍

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My sales in September was rotten, (1) following a very good August.  Every time I think I’m on the road to success, I’m humbled. That’s the nature of this business, it seems. Onward HO! (An Americanism)


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