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Sorry if this has been queried elsewhere.


Recently, doing various reverse image searches from Alamy images into GIS I have been getting some very strange suggestions for text accompanying the images.  A typical example:




"samson captured by the philistines" What?!  Now, I don't claim to be the best at keywording (tags), but I'm pretty certain that I never went this far off target! 😅


I'm getting many similar results.  What is going on?


Anyone else had the same experience?

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I can't recall exactly what it was at the moment, but a couple of weeks ago I had a really strange suggestion for one of my images when doing a similar reverse image search. The other few I searched that day were as expected, only one weird one. Next time I get a doozy, I'll share it. So, you are not alone, however, while I don't recall the specifics, I'm quite certain it was not as memorably weird as yours! 😎

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Ones that I can remember that Google has suggested for objects were Eric Cantona and Paul Pogba (football/soccer players), but a memorable one was Joey Dunlop for an aircraft's undercarriage. There would have been a connection had I included Dunlop as a tyre/tire manufacturer but that detail wasn't legible.

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On 18/09/2019 at 15:58, Thyrsis said:

Google thinks this is 'Soft focus on hands of passion couple having sex '





sculpture of a marble head at the  Yorkshire Sculpture Park - Stock Image


You mean that sculpture? Google thinks it's something else. 😂

As for the soft focus one, it seems a popular theme on some agencies. Could they all be from the same contributor? (NSFW! - if you have safe search off.)




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