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Free Editing Programs?

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11 minutes ago, Ed Rooney said:

Is that Baron or barren?


I really try not to mention anything political in this forum but it's very hard to ignore something that is pushed in my face 24-7. 


I really try not to respond but I can't help taking the bait. Things are so bad here now the only thing to do is have a dark laugh at it all 🤣🤣 . Baron will be your title, barren will be the supermarket shelves. 

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7 hours ago, MDM said:


I recall discussing this with Betty some years ago and after a bit of research coming to the conclusion that there is no effect on the image data, the only change being to the metadata. 

Your memory is better than mine! 😁 I guess your answer didn’t stick for long. I think it’s because I don’t routinely tag JPEGs, but always Tiffs. Until I make a mistake. So the cobwebs proliferate between those times. 

Thats my excuse and I’m stickin’ to it. Maybe this time your answer will stick.

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