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  1. At the end of the day, I maintain the photo is neither out of focus or overly noisy. It is over sharpened, agreed. If you think otherwise, fair enough. We all have our own opinions. I think we are going round in circles, so I guess this will be the last I speak about this. Too many bullies on here.
  2. What are you on about 'save Alamy crop to disk '? Makes no sense.
  3. And I repeat Alamy put up a 200% crop of my photo, not 100%.
  4. It's on sale, how can I be setting myself up to fail ? Sure, it's up to the customer to decide but that applies to all photos.
  5. I have accepted the photo is over sharpened; haven't you followed the thread/posts ? If it's not image detail, what kind of detail is it ? You are always one of the first to attack me whenever I post on here, very annoying. The photo has been approved by another stock agency in the last day or two so can't be that bad.
  6. Thanks for that. I agree with that comment, very well put and fair. The texture of the building((sharpened) may have given an appearance of grain as well because if you look at the sky at 100% you can't hardly see any noise.
  7. Hi, my browser is set at 100%. Don't think that really matters because the actual portion of the photo that is shown remains the same despite changing the percentage on the browser.
  8. Not sure what you mean. Are you saying I faked the photoshop screenshot ?
  9. Yes, I must have over sharpened the photo. I have been using the free Photos software which comes with Windows 10 lately but I used photoshop elements in the past and still got fails. The reason I got a fail for this photo was because they said it was out of focus and had noise. Strange they think it is out of focus(soft) when most thinks it is over sharpened.
  10. Thanks, I normally set my shutter speed and aperture similar to the settings that you mentioned when shooting in good light and adjust them when the light falls,
  11. Thanks for the advice. I actually had an eye test last year and there was no mention of cataracts.
  12. Thanks for that. I will try to digest that. My photo actually got failed for being out of focus(which I presume there is some softness) and for noise. Do you think my photo is out of focus and has a lot of noise ?
  13. That doesn't look bad, I see a lot of detail there. Why don't you show the full screenshot at 100%. I am using photoshop elenents similar to you but my crop shows a wider area of the photo. I have posted my 100% crop earlier.
  14. Thanks. I've been looking at other sites recently, less hassle,lol.
  15. Thanks, I have been photographing the city for over 30 years.
  16. Thanks.That looks a bit soft to me. I suppose I would sharpen before I submitted a similar photo in case it failed for being too soft.
  17. This is what I see at 100%. https://postimg.cc/WFJ788My
  18. The crops on here do not compare to 100% on my photoshop elements software. We just have to disagree. I may try and get a screenshot done if I can.
  19. Here's the full size file. Can't remember the whole workflow. Usually adjust the contrast, highlights and shadows and a bit of sharpening. Also use auto enhance, sometimes. https://postimg.cc/K1rjPbX3
  20. Like I said above, those crops by Alamy are near 200%, not 100%. How would you like it if they judged your photos at 200% and not 100%.
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