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  1. If I shoot at f8 or f11, that would mean slowing down my shutter speed quite a bit. Maybe as slow as 1/20 sec. I guess I could use a monopod; a tripod could get in peoples' way. Thanls for the advice.
  2. Thanks for your replies. I may have to take another look at shooting RAW. Never got the hang of processing them.
  3. https://www.flickr.com/photos/liverpix/32021065087/in/dateposted-public/ This is 100% crop of centre.
  4. Hi, I recently had this photo of the Cavern Clun rejected for being Soft or lacking definition, Noise. What do you think ?
  5. Maybe, but that should come under blemishes and not noise.
  6. Yes, I noticed the circle on the left too (after I got the rejection) - I think I must have used the wrong spot healing brush. The circles were not on the original photo but on the copy I sent in.
  7. I was shooting in jpeg. I don''t think it's noisy, nether do you it seems but Alamy seems to think so for some reason.
  8. It's like what the OP said.He may have to submit the same 41 images time and time again. That wastes time. All Alamy needs to do is reect the bad ones and let the good one through in one go thus saving a lot of time.
  9. I've just had another photo rejected for noise. Photo taken on a Sony Nex 5N at ISO 400. Last photo to be rejected for noise was taken on the RX100, 5N has bigger sensor. What do you think ? https://postimg.cc/image/yam9zvrl7/
  10. I do understand Daniel McKay's point of view. I always thought that Alamy should just throw out the bad one/s and put through the good ones in one go. It would save time and trouble for both the photographer and Alamy.
  11. It's ok. I found the DAC payment in Account Balance and not Sales history.
  12. liverpix

    Ban from upload

    Thanks for your replies. I normally shoot in jpgs as was this photo, mainly because I tend to take a lot of photos and I never really got my head round RAW. I just had a look at my camera settings. There is a High ISO NR on my RX100; it was set on Normal - I have now changed it to High.
  13. Thanks. Only my photo sales are in my Sales History, no other income..
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