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This isn't about the new 'Your Alamy Portfolio'. I can't see any way of using that to search my own files only (so not much use IMO, unless I'm missing something).


There used to be a link on the dashboard where I could get to my own port and then opt to search within my own port only.

I can't find that link now, though I accept I'm probably not seeing it in plain sight.

Could someone please point me to it?

Sorry and thanks.

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7 minutes ago, spacecadet said:

Looks like it's gone.

Good job I bookmarked mine- it's still accessible.

If you didn't maybe you can find the link in your history.


But thanks for the confirmation. It's always a relief that it's not my idiocy.

I just can't see that it's 'My Alamy Portfolio' if the search is just a link to All of Alamy. I see very little point in that for me.


Grrrr: looks like I bookmarked 'my Alamy port', but presumably not from that old link, as it's not searchable. :-(

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OK it's my idiocy. :-(


But it seems to depend on how I get to My Portfolio.

Sometimes searching inside it gives an All of Alamy search (I tried several times earlier today and previously), but now, having arrived there by a different route, the search is to my images.



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