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Hi Yazir,

Having had a quick look at your images my suggestions are,  your captions need to be much more informative, IE: "WHAT" "WHY" "WERE" "WHEN",  wildlife needs to have its proper Latin name included in the caption and in the keywords.

You are including keywords like "Alamy" "Buy" " picoftheday" "d5300" "wallpaper" etc etc, all of which are totally superfluous to the image, 


Your image "changeable hawk eagle looking for meals"  have you tried googling this phrase? all you get are images of BIRDS! 

It looks like an Asian Water Monitor ( Varanus salvator) But I'm no expert on lizards! 


Again your keywording is way off for this image,


There are a lot of very informative posts on the forum about captioning and keywording,  just have a look around and try searching your captions in the search bar here on the Alamy site and see what it brings up, I'm sorry to be so negative about your images but with a bit of work you should find that it helps, but with 32 images out of the millions on the site even with perfect captioning and keywording you will need a lot more images (in the thousands) to start making regular sales.


I hope this is a little bit of help for you, keep shooting and uploading and I'm sure you will see the benefits 


kind regards


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12 hours ago, spacecadet said:

With 32 images you can expect a sale every 3-4 years on average.

Sorry, but those are the odds.

And that's with good keywording.


You actually have some nice photos, but your keywording is poor.

I love your photo of the Stork-billed Kingfisher, but you only have Kingfisher in the keywords. That doesn't matter so much at the moment, as you have it in the caption, and currently the caption has a high weighting, but at other time when keywords have a higher weighting, your file may fall in the search algorithm.

Also you should have the Scientific Latin name of the species (Pelargopsis capensis) in the caption and the keywords. You should also put the location in the caption and keywords, both the specific location and the country. Also Asia, Asian bird, Asian, wildlife, Asian wildlife, wild bird (if it was) selective focus, defocussed background, branch. You don't need love (?!), download, photo, photograph, photography or wallpaper.


You should try and find the exact cultivar of the 'beautiful rose'. It might be Rosa Mundi, or something similar in the gallicia group; maybe someone knows better than me?


The pic teczoom mentions is KRWT27. Tec is right about the irrelevant keywords. I see you have water and monitor separately: you should have 'water monitor' as a keyword phrase.


Sadly, although wildlife, and birds in particular, is my favourite subject, I personally don't find my wildlife pics sell well on Alamy. Yours are in general very good, so keep trying.

I was over six months and 800 images before I got my first Alamy sale, and that was way back when the overall Alamy collection was many times smaller.



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Your captions:


KR9G71: "What greater gift than the love of a cat"

MDM0NB: "an elk makes the picture perfect"


This tells me you haven't bothered to read any Alamy guidelines.


Some wildlife pictures do not even include that they are, let alone the Latin name: alone parrot, Egret, Lizard, angry duck (he's not). What is the common name? Latin name?


You'll have to put a lot more efforts into it plus add several thousand images if you want any sale.


I would recommend you read ALL Alamy guidelines and the forum. Lots of helpful info here.




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