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  1. Hi Jim, Can i ask a daft question how do you know your a gold account? am i missing something on my control panel? kindest regards, Alan Teczoom
  2. So after 52 pages and the second reply/dictate PA/Alamy are telling us to suck it up or jog on, absolutely appalling but no surprises!
  3. I'm finding it very difficult to believe a company this size cannot get its act together, It's been going on for weeks, no daily updates etc etc, what the hell is going on??? If your technical team are having this sort of going on getting things sorted out may i suggest some P45's getting handed out!
  4. Hi Gnans, I'v just had a quick look at your images, this one was one i looked at, there is no mention of "Iceland" "supermarket" "Window" "Shop Window" "Poster" Posters" Frozen food shop" etc in your keywords, Its all about coronavirus which while its topical its not the main focus of your image, I really hope that this helps you, Saty safe, good luck! Iceland supermarket coronavirus precautions on window - Image ID: 2BWD57H
  5. A world wide pandemic has probibly something to do with it!
  6. Hi Edo, I had the same problem some time ago and got it sorted with this, Try scanning your Mac for malware, you can get good results from this company https://www.malwarebytes.com/ I would try this Before you do a "Factory reset" on your Mac, Hope this helps! Alan
  7. If you have a look at your keywording it may help you, the image below has a lot of inappropriate keywords, IE bass fishing? fishing line? etc, have a look at them and adjust as necessary only put what you can actually see! I hope this helps you! Girl from the shore lures dolphins - Image ID: RB1H5K
  8. Brilliant idea! works like a dream will be having some fun with this over the next few days, Alamy, I love it!
  9. Hi Yazir, Having had a quick look at your images my suggestions are, your captions need to be much more informative, IE: "WHAT" "WHY" "WERE" "WHEN", wildlife needs to have its proper Latin name included in the caption and in the keywords. You are including keywords like "Alamy" "Buy" " picoftheday" "d5300" "wallpaper" etc etc, all of which are totally superfluous to the image, Your image "changeable hawk eagle looking for meals" have you tried googling this phrase? all you get are images of BIRDS! It looks like an Asian Water Monitor ( Varanus salvator) But I'm
  10. Safari, Chrome, and Firefox all working allowing login to my dashboard ok, on my iMac I hope this helps.
  11. Morning Folks, After seeing this topic i contacted on 20th Nov, Clemency Wright consultancy and had a very interesting conversation with Clemency regarding the keywording of my images and the amount of sales/zooms, after talking at length to her i realised that i was missing some important keywords on a lot of my images have agreed with her to have 200 images re-keyworded etc, and we are going to monitor the results over the next six months, if my sales increase i will have no problem retaining her services. I will report back to the forum with the results in due cou
  12. Morning Jools, Holy Island is the only place you can see the Herring boats, but the whole place is stuffed full of photo opportunities, as for the castle's well its up to you just how much walking around you wish to do, again the entire area is full of possibilities, if you have never visited the area before, give yourself plenty of time, watch the tides for getting on and off the island and (don't take any chances on the causeway!!) the sun rise/set times and take lots of cards with you! and enjoy your trip!
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