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  1. Getting images noticed

    Hello! So I have had several photos on Alamy for around a year now and even though all of them are on sale and optimised, I still don’t get much exposure at all and no sales. Does anyone have any tips for people like me or could help my photography get noticed? Thanks, -Dylan
  2. Hello from California!!

    Hello! I just started uploading photos and want to say Hi! I'm new here and would love and appreciate any tips or feedback. I have seen experienced members critiquing new members on their portfolios to help guide them accordingly. I am wondering if someone might critique mine and be so kind to direct me on the right path. I'll start reading the forums too, but if anyone has any words of wisdom, newbie mistakes to avoid, I'd love to hear it. Thank you so much!!!, Felicia
  3. Hello from Wales

    Hi Everyone Ive just joined up and really interested in making a go of it in the stock industry. I know we are all potentially competitors and I never really ask for critique on my personal photography as I find there is too many conflicting opinions out there, but as this industry is new to me and I have lots to learn, I was hoping you could look at what I have uploaded so far and let me know what you think, are my images good enough for stock, what can I do to improve. Many thanks in advance Steve
  4. Are my images On Sale?

    Hello there, Roughly 30 minutes ago, I received an e-mail that my photos have passed through QC (this is my first time). I filled in the required title and tags for these photos and now they are marked as 'On Sale'. But when I go to my dashboard, these same photos are still marked as 'Not on Sale', neither can I find these photos on Alamy. Does Alamy need some more time to process them to put them the website and everything is fine or am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance. Robbe
  5. Alamy with Analog camera's

    Hi, I'm Robbe Nagel and I'm new to this platform. I'm a student who loves to shoot with analog camera's (using film of course). I notice that this platform is naturally dominated by digital camera's but I was wondering whether or not I can sell my analog photos. Can anyone help me out here? I use a very high end photoscanner, so when it comes to quality of the image there must be no problem whatsoever.
  6. I've recently purchased a Sony A7r and am now considering lens options. My main interest is FL 35/50mm with 75mm occasionally. The Zeiss "top of the range" selection is out of my budget and I wonder what would you consider a suitable quality lens (or two) within the "more affordable" bracket. Maybe a zoom, maybe primes. I have no idea of Sony lenses and your advices would be most appreciated. Thanks Ray
  7. ayudaaaa

    hola soy nuevo, subi mi primeras tres fotos y me dieron fallo y luego sin querer subi las mimas tres y ahora no me deja cambiarlo ni subir otras y no se si me bloquearon o que paso? si alguien me puede ayudar
  8. When you are preparing your DACS claim and your image has been used in both hardcover and paperback books with different ISBN numbers, do you count each as a separate use or as one use? I've been counting them as one, but I think I'm wrong. With the deadline approaching hope someone can help. Thanks!
  9. Hi all, I've joined Alamy for a while now (since late 2013) and have slowly posted slightly over 1000 photos. Have always been wanting to seek advise here but decided to do it only after I have enough photos. Really appreciate if you could take some time out and take a quick look and see where I should work on and improve further. :-D I am not quite sure if I am moving along the right track. I suspect my keywording can be improved further and maybe also my photos need some culling? My ranking also does not appear to be very high. From the forums, I gathered that it is probably a lot more important to work on the ranking than just number of photos? On keywording, when I 1st started, I tried to be as comprehensive as possible. Moving forward I am thinking perhaps I might want to keep the key-wording as direct and short as possible? As for photo quality, I am still torn between post processing or not. And if yes, how much? My argument for minimal processing is because at its original form, the client can decide how he/she wants to process the photo. However, my counter-argument is that if the photos are not visually attractive, the clients will not even look at it further? And that clients in general might prefer buying something they can use immediately? Most of my current photos have been worked on. Not sure if I should tone back or continue to submit photos processed the way I like? As for subject matter, my photos are mostly of Japan and some Singapore. For Japan for example, should I continue to post photos of places and events that are very local with little tourism potential? Or it's best to concentrate on better known cities like Tokyo, Osaka, etc. As for pseudonyms, am still trying to figure that out. But I am leaning towards having a pseudo for all photos, something akin to a holding account, and another for photos I think might have higher sales potential. For the latter, would it be better to further split into country specific or all under the same pseudo? Really, any comments, feedbacks will be most appreciated. :-D
  10. How to Upload an Avatar?

    How do I upload an avatar to the forum? Can I do it via dropbox somehow? At one point I had two accounts on Alamy - one for reportage and one for commercial way back when they required me to do it that way, and I had an avatar in the forum. When Alamy later combined the two for me into my reportage (newer) account, I had to re-join the forum and haven't been able to upload an avatar. Thanks for your help!
  11. Hello from a new contributor

    I just joined Alamy last month and have been very busy uploading images so thought it was time to stop by and say hello to everyone and try out this discussions page. Not expectantly I haven't made a sale yet but these are early days and my portfolio is still building. Any suggestions or advice on the way ahead would be appreciated. Already having a problem with this post, tried to add an image but 'My Media' only has an attachment section so help please, how do I add an image?, can't find any guidance on the searches.
  12. Hi to all, i am new to this site. Photography has been a hobby for a long time and has started to consume my life more and more recently. Now i am getting invited to places and offered money to take pictures and i am still getting use to it all. Stock is a new subject for me and I am selling in Shutterstock rather successfully for last few month. I was advised to sign up also here. I have uploaded over 300 pictures but have zero response and starting to give up hope... any advice to a newby? what am i missing? i appreciate any input thank you in advance best katie
  13. Anybody has any idea what it could be? The wild plant grows in the city (park mostly), max 50cm high, usually next to the ponds...
  14. Selling Pictures HELP!!!

    Hey, So I recently started selling my photographs on Alamy about a week or so ago. So far I have not sold anything. I was wondering if there are any tips or guidance that anyone could offer to help me out? I currently have 17 pictures for sale.
  15. I researched this extensively but cannot be sure if this is winged loosestrife (Lythrum alatum), which is native to the Narragansett, Rhode Island coastal area where I took this photograph, or purple loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria) an invasive plant that has taken over many areas where native wildflowers grow. I've gone with Lythrum sp. to be safe, but wondering if any of you can id it? Thanks! Spellcheck keeps wanting to call it Lythrum alarm!
  16. Hi: I took this photo in Rhode Island last summer. Any idea what this flower is? I can't seem to find it though it doesn't seem like anything too rare. Thanks for any help. Also, is there a way I can save a photo for an Avatar in my dropbox account and somehow link it to here? Thanks for any help.
  17. Can anyone identify the insect on this beach rose? It was taken in Rhode Island in July. I'm thinking may some sort of gnat? Thanks! If it's not clear enough in this, how would I set it up to place a close up crop in dropbox for people to see? Does it matter for keywording since it's small in the photo? Any help and advice welcome. Thanks!
  18. Hallo, I think there is something wrong or broken here: HTH! :-)
  19. Lizard ID help needed.

    Hi fellow photographers and experts, can anyone please help me find this lizard's common and scientific name... thank you. SUMAN
  20. I have recently joined Alamy and having problems understanding the file size limits. I work in raw then convert to tiff files. These can end up being around 250mb in tiff depending on editing. I have converted these into jpegs at maxium no compression, however they have ended up being aound 9mb files in jpeg form. Does this mean they are not big enough, because the limit is 17mb. They look fine at 100% pixel ratio 3080x5120. Please can someone help clear this up.
  21. Both of my 7100's are in the shop for work, so I am having to use my old D-70. Because of it's smaller mega pixel size, I remember having to add a couple of numbers in post in order to upload images. Unfortunately, I can't remember what those numbers are. Can somebody please help me with this? Thank you. Luciano
  22. A lot of agents, this one included are investing a lot of time and effort in ensuring a high SEO. Just thinking aloud (and definitely not complaining) but I am wondering when there comes a tipping point when google becomes less of a help than a hindrance and sales people pressing the flesh become more important. To give some examples, a couple of years ago I was looking up ferries between Finland and Sweden. Googling keywords ferries, Finland, and Sweden I just got pages of directory sites directing me around in circles. Trying to buy tickets for a West End show in London and I found the same. In both cases I ended up looking up the appropriate websites in guidebooks. Similarely I am probably not the only independent in Holland who is not happy with all the directory's listing our details which often appear higher in the results than our own websites. (The directories just take our details from the Kamer van Koophandel/Chamber of commerce where we are obliged to register.) Now enter stock photos. Earlier this year trying to corroborate the information in my captions for some buildings in downtown Rio and googling pertinent keywords a lot, if not all of the returns I was getting was for stock photos. This may be a reflection of previous searches and google trying to second guess what I was looking for (and wasn't.) If that is not the case I can imagine many not being able to see the wood through the trees. Especially with keyword spamming rife. Allied to this... on a forum I work with there is much gnashing of teeth as people are seeing sales evaporate in the past couple of months. One of the potential reasons given is a change of Google SEO for the POD. This would indicate that Google can make or break, which probably hasn't gone unnoticed in their offices. Others will know better than I, but are we already at the point where they are demanding money with menaces? groetjes, Richard
  23. Hello to everybody, I'm new here at Alamy and I'm from Italy, so my English is very bad, sorry. I already have 24 images on sale, really a lot of images I've got MANY doubts and so any suggestion is wellcome!!!! Do you think I uploaded any image that is not so good and should be better to delete it?? Do you usally post your images on your own website too? May I post my images without watermarks on a social network or a forum?? Not even thumbnails?? Did you ever use any kind of "copyleft" licenses for any of your work somewhere else, and/or what do you think about that?? Quality Control: is it just about technical quality or "creative" quality too? Thanks in advance for any answer eventually posted.
  24. Help on Plant ID

    Sorry to ask again on this topic, but I cannot seem to find the ID of this small asymmetrical flower, despite long searches to try and find it!
  25. Help with Plant ID.

    Please can anyone help me identify this plant/flower, I've tried, but so far, drawn a blank. Small white flowers with blue centres. Petals with five feathery lobes at the ends? Thanks