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Now you made me look. I went all the way back starting in 2010.


That year, I had two calendar sales to Poland (distro) for $104 each. Yes Poland. Prices we can only dream about these days.


Another one was to North America for $50 same year.


Nothing since.






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Calendars used to pay good rates but weren't easy to deal with and things took ages. Photographers used to be really chuffed to get images on calendars but so many people rely on their smartphones and computers for the purposes that the whole industry has probably shrunk . Certainly the rates have!


If you really really want your photo on the cover (and inside) you can run up your own calendar with several specialists like Vistaprint. My other half is an artist and every year she produces her own calendar. She orders two or three for special friends and she could arrange things so people could buy on-line. But you can buy just one copy and the price is less than £15. Less a tenner for a smaller format. Pretty good quality print and nice layouts. She uses a fairly modest point and shoot camera


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I've had sales from between $60 for small images to $150 for larger wall calendars - one year duration. For one client, for example, if the same image was in a large and small version of a wall calendar it would be $100-150 for the large calendar (depending on print run) and $60 for the small calendar. They pay in December of the year it is published so it can be two years from the time they get an image until you are paid. 


It works out well if you license two or three photos for each of several calendars, but it can be a lot of work to find calendar companies that are looking for new providers and of course they all require different sizes, different keywording, captioning and naming conventions. Personally, I like seeing my work in calendars that are sold nation-wide. 


I haven't tried making my own calendar but it could be nice. 


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